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  1. Don
    October 23, 2011

    All I ever hear about during pitching conversations is all about velocity, it makes absolutely no matter how much velocity a pitcher has if said pitcher can't throw the ball in close enough for the umpire to call strikes or entice the batter to swing at it said pitcher is totally ineffective, control and command of pitches is of the utmost importance, although those bone heads who sleep with their radar guns cannot see over the end of their noses and allow the gun to decide for them who is and who isn't a good capable pitcher. I see those coaches in various colleges,no matter what division who say to play for me you have to be able to consistently throw in the high 80's to those who have poor command and control then turn down those who can throw in the middle 80's who have good command and control, Everyone is power happy and I certainly am not saying that power is not great to have or to have around as a coach

    Conner Pates coach sounds to me like all of those out there who are stuck in the old conventional ways, their players certainly are suffering because of their narrow mindedness, I am associated with the same situation, Hey that pitcher is a drop and driver, Hey a pitcher has to stand on the crane position foe three seconds for balance, those people need to type in on Denny McClain, Whitey Ford, Lincecum and Porciau momentum pitching and learn what good command and control pitching is about, I say "HEY," No three seconds on the crane, bring that knee up past the belly button and the hips should be moving into weight shift at the same time down that hill while moving as fast as possible under control. Hey, it is no longer drop and drive, fall and step, it is as Brent states it, hips first, Drive and stride with momentum, triple extension to front foot touch down with a stride length to match one's body height to hip to shoulder separation chain reactive movement executed at the proper and in the proper sequence during the throwing movement.

    I did add a little there.

    There are several web. sites who cover their topics well but as we all know this web. site covers the whole Spectrum, My main interest is that when these body movements are taught and executed properly the possibility of aspiring pitchers acquiring chronic sore arms, and various arm surgeries are alleviated drastically.

    Great BaseBallin to all.

    Nuff said.

    Don Ervin


  2. Connor Pate
    October 4, 2011

    Connor's high schl. coach doesn't think much of your program , couldn't give me any program out there that was better . Told me his and his pitching coach had a better wt. training program that would improve mech's. yet in the three yrs. of Connor being over there , not once have they video taped a pitcher until they found out that we were videoing . Wants Connor to stop his off season throwing and begin wt. lifting with the team as part of there off season conditioning . Connor put in 8 wks. of wt. traing and now we are throwing ,working on mech's. they say we need to be lifting and throwing , should we be doing both?

    • Brent Pourciau USAW
      October 4, 2011

      Yes, this is a big part of the 3X Pitching Velocity program. The reason this program is one of the best out there is because both the throwing program and the strength and conditioning program work together to develop more power production in the athlete while implementing the motor coordination around the 3X Mechanics. Here are the 3X Mechanics http://topvelocity.net/pitching-101/ . The throwing program uses a series of drills to develop the muscle memory around these mechanics. I have never found a program that effectively can implement explosive velocity focused pitching mechanics. I would be curious to hear about your schools pitching mechanics and the drills that they have developed to train them. I would also like to learn more about their strength and conditioning program. The 3X strength and conditioning program was developed by myself, who is a USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach. I would also be curious to see who developed their program.

      The 3X Pitching Velocity program is currently being used by several Colleges and High Schools around the country.

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