3X Pitching Velocity Camp Have you wasted hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on pitching instruction but have not seen the results?

Even if you noticed a difference, would you have seen these same results if you would have just tried to figure this stuff out on your own?

Bad Pitching InstructionHundreds of thousands of pitchers waste, not only money, but something even more valuable, on average to below average pitching instruction everyday. The loss of this commodity can make or break a long and successful pitching career. It is called, TIME!

A rare few pitchers have enough time to find the knowledge needed to improve their game to the level it takes to create enough opportunity in their youth to reach their full pitching potential before it is too late. Wow, that was a month full but read it again, SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWLY, because it is the road to pitching success!

99% of all pitchers waste this time and money with poor pitching instruction. This leads to injury and failure, which ends careers. I hate to be all doom and gloom here but this is reality, I know, I lived it! Following my rotator cuff tear at 18 years old it took me 5 years to get my arm back and I was lucky enough to prove I could play some pro-ball before it was all over. Who knows what would have happened to me if I would have found some legitimate pitching instruction that would have saved my arm and that time I needed so desperately to reach my full pitching potential.

Today, I have discovered all of this critical scientific information and I want to pass it on to you so I can help save your pitching career before it is too late!

Coach Brent's 3 Day 3X Velocity Camp is Revolutionary

You will learn more at this 3 Day camp than you have learned in your entire pitching career. You will also discover that you have the ability to throw 90+mph. It will be the most challenging 3 Days of your life and will be the springboard of a extremely success pitching career!

3 Years of Success!

The 3X Velocity Camp has only been in existence for 3 years and it has attracted schools like the University of Georgia, Central Arkansas and tons of NAIA and NCAA D2 and D3 schools to attend the camp. It has also helped Matt Southard get drafted after he attended two 3X Velocity Camps and countless other pitchers to reach their velocity goals like the Make a Wish Pitcher David Thompson (See Testimonials below).

Work One on One with Coach Brent for 20+ Hours

Yes, this is the only camp in baseball where you will have no more than 8 pitchers attending the camp. Also you will not find a camp in baseball where the head Coach is working with you the entire time. This is what makes the 3X Velocity Camp so powerful and so worth the investment. You will be coached personally by one of the best pitching instructors in the game.

The Only Baseball Camp That Comes with a Program

Yes, you will go home with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program to continue for the entire year as you first work to reach your pitching velocity goals in the off-season and then to maintain these gains in-season. This program has everything from all of the instructional videos of the drills, exercises and lifts and all of the 3X Pitching education with instructional videos as well. Not only do you get the best pitching velocity program on the market but you get it on a Kindle Fire (See bottom of page for itemization of program).

3X Pitcher Evaluation System

You will have a full evaluation of your anthropometric data, performance data and biomechanical data along with a biomechanical analysis at the 3X Velocity Camp. Here is more on this evaluation!

3X Pitching Velocity Camp

There is no better place and way to learn this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity that will add 5-10 MPH to your fastball than at the 3X Pitching Velocity Camp down here, just outside of my home town, New Orleans, LA. This is a unique and incredibly opportunity for you to reach your pitching velocity goals before your window of opportunity closes. There is no better way to learn this revolutionary program than straight from me, Brent Pourciau. Yes, I do not have any other average pitching instructors teaching and coaching you 3X Pitching. I will personally work with you the entire camp. This is the Top Pitching Camp you will ever attend, I promise! If I am wrong I will gladly refund your money!

Everything You Need to Know about 3X VCamp and 3X Training

3X Velocity Pitching Camp Includes

  1. You will Increase Pitching Velocity.
  2. You will go home with all of the 3X Off-Season, Pre-Season and In-Season programs.
  3. You will be instructed through all of the 3X Pitching Mechanics.
  4. You will be instructed through all of the 3X Pitching Velocity Drills.
  5. You will receive live Video Analysis while performing the 3X Velocity Drills.
  6. You will receive a full 3X Pitching Video Analysis. (You will be filmed and analyzed next to Pro Pitcher)
  7. You will receive a 3X Pitcher Evaluation. (You will be tested in all areas of athletic ability and pitching performance)
  8. You will be instructed through all of the exercises and lifts in the Fusion System.
  9. You will be instructed personally by Brent Pourciau through everything.
  10. You will receive all of the 3X material listed below.
  11. You will go home with everything you will ever need to be successful in this game!

Steps to REGISTER?

  • Read and pick your date from the Calendar below.
  • Check the age requirements.
  • Read the Pitching Camp Itinerary.
  • Read the Pitching Camp Checklist.
  • Register for the 3X Pitching Velocity Camp by selecting your dates and the Register button.
  • Book your flight and hotel. Hotel recommendations below. (I can provide transportation to and from the airport, hotel and facilities if needed.)
  • Get Ready to reach your pitching velocity goals!

New Orleans 3X Pitching Velocity Camp Dates

(10 Pitchers MAX per 3X Velocity Camp)
  • January 3rd-5th [SOLD OUT]
  • January 10th-12th [SOLD OUT]
  • January 18th-20th
  • February 14th-16th
  • March 7th-9th
  • March 14th-16th
  • March 21st-23rd
  • April 11th-13th
  • May 23rd-25th (2 Spots Available)
  • May 30th-June 1st (1 Spot Available)
  • June 6th-8th (3 Spots Available)
  • June 13th-15th
  • June 27th-29th
  • July 11th-13th
  • July 25th-27th
  • Aug 8th-10th
  • Aug 22nd-24th

New Orleans 3X Pitching Velocity Camp Times

  • 9am-5pm Day 1 (Break for Lunch)
  • 9am-5pm Day 2 (Break for Lunch)
  • 9am-3pm Day 3 (NO Break for Lunch)

New Orleans 3X Pitching Velocity Camp Age Requirements

  • 13 and UP!
  • A basic understanding of pitching.
  • Some type of strength training experience.

New Orleans 3X Pitching Velocity Camp Itinerary

  • Baseball Pitching Camp Introduction (Receive your official copy of all the 3X Programs) - 30 min
  • 3X Pitching 101 (We will cover the 3X Pitching Mechanics) - 2 hours
  • Questions and Answers - 30 min
  • Athletic Scouting Profiles - 30 min
  • 3X Velocity System (Training day 1 and 3) - 8 hours
  • 3X Strength and Conditioning 101 (Day 2, we will cover the 3X Strength and Conditioning, Recovery, Nutrition and more new and cutting edge information.) - 1 hour
  • Fusion System (Training day 2) - 5 hours
  • 3X Pitching Video Analysis - 2 hours
  • Closing Day comments and more! - 30 min

New Orleans 3X Pitching Velocity Camp Checklist

(Please bring the following)
  1. Glove
  2. Old Shoes or Turfs
  3. Cleats
  4. Athletic attire
  5. Notepad if needed.
  6. Please have a Doctor give you a release for high intensity training. (You do not need to bring a release to the camp.)

New Orleans 3X Pitching Velocity Camp Headquarters

Guerilla Baseball Academy 4019 Lasalle St Mandeville, LA 70471 Phone:985-377-9249 *45 Minutes from New Orleans

3X Pitching Velocity Camp Hotel Recommendations

(TopVelocity Guests Receive 15% Off to Our Hotel Recommendation Below)

3X Velocity Camp New Orleans Sample Video Analysis

3X Pitching Velocity Camp Testimonials

David Thompson 92mph Interview [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/105806992" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]
Chris Fischer 93-94mph Interview [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/114163407" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]
3X Velocity Camp - Matt Southard 83-93MPH
"Adam had a great summer playing with the La Warriors and was very dominating. He was clocked at college station at 92mph and at Ft. Meyers at 93mph.3X Velocity Piitching camp help a lot and was instrumental in his success." Scott Falcon
Eric Mozeika Mid 80's to Low 90's 3X Velocity Camp
Comments from YouTube I also did the program this summer for 11 weeks at his facility . My velocity has gone up an easy 5 mph, my vertical up 6 inches, and my power clean up 40 lbs. This is the most legit and effective program out there and the? velocity/strength coach Brent Pourciau is always there for you to talk to you about questions or comments you may have. He did every drill and lift with us the entire summer and is a genius when it comes to velocity, force production, nutrition, lifting, recovery, etc...
From a random 3x customer: This summer I bought the 3x program as? well as went down to the 3x velocity camp. This guy really knows what he is doing. The program is easily the best program out there. If you follow the program exactly, it will help any pitcher increase velocity, regardless of age.
Jake Mcfarland High 70's to Mid to High 80's 3X Velocity Camp
Voicemail Testimonial Hayden Sawyer Hey Brent, its Hayden. I want to give you a quick update. Last night I had a bull pen and it went really well and in looking at the video I noticed something really good. When you analyzed my video previously, I was scalping very hard and because of that I wasn't getting over the top, I wasn't getting that good layback. My external rotation was late. What I noticed this last night with that is it has completely change. I'm getting great lay back and my arm is externally and internally rotating beautifully. I'm getting on my front side much better, along with that I'm staying close much better. I think that is the mechanics drills and I just would like to and I'm not in by no means am I done, by no means am I going to settle for this. I just like to thank you and I just like to, I don't even know how to put it into words, I'm so thankful for what you've done for me and with this program is done for me. Because, this program has helped me to become a better an incredible better pitcher already. And with just and this is program. I'm so thankful, that, I'll may be able to reach my dreams. So I was going to call him, Thank you, Brent. Have a great day! Listen to Voicemail
Terry Newman Testimonial

3X Velocity Camp Review

This review of the 3X Velocity Camp is written by Darrel Coulter who was drafted out of high school and played in the minor leagues for 4 seasons. He came down to a 3X Velocity Camp so he could experience first hand the 3X approach. Here is his review. 3X Velocity Camp Review by Darrel Coulter. I would like to thank Darrel for putting together this well constructed and informative review of the 3X Velocity Camp. He did this out of his own desire. He is a great person who is as passionate about this game as I am!
Upon arriving to Velocity Camp Brent took us through the Mechanics Guide and this really solidified the 3X approach because of the in-depth look with Brent right there for interaction. Also, it gave me a clear idea behind the 3X approach. The rest of camp is both physically and mentally demanding. Brent goes through every piece of the program and you are right there with him getting after it. A 3X velocity camp is truly an eye opening experience. Read Kevin Schultz's Entire 3X Velocity Camp Review

More Parents 3X Velocity Camp Reviews

I recently had the opportunity to take my son to a 3X Velocity camp. First and foremost, we had a wonderful time. From the minute we walked in the door I felt like we had walked into a little slice of baseball heaven. The atmosphere is perfect for the hardcore pitching junkie. Everything you need to train and get better. The camp itself is well organized and very detailed with plenty of one on one instruction. I think it is great that Brent limits the amount of attendees to make sure everyone gets adequate instruction time. As far as content, to say that there is a ton of information would be an understatement. Brent takes the time to walk you through the theory, drill work, and strength routine step by step. After 3 days, I felt like I could explain and teach the program to anyone, that is how detailed Brent's instruction is. The college guys in town working out before their seasons start are extremely helpful as well. They jump in and help with the drills and offer encouragement to all the camps. This creates a vibe in the facility that is unbelievable. If you are considering buying Brent's program or already own it and are struggling with the drills or lifts I would highly recommend that you make it to a 3X Velocity camp. Ryan Murphy - From the Forums - Top Velocity Camp Review
My son Tyler attended the camp on January 4th- 6th. I agree with Ryan and highly recommend this camp to anyone that is serious about not only gaining velocity but understanding how velocity is created. This is the most in-depth camp he has attended. He has attended a couple of Division I and Division II baseball camps and did not come away from those camps with a lot of instruction. Brent’s camp is by far the best camp he has ever attended and worth every penny spent. Brent is there step by step to demonstrate each throw, lift, and exercise. I don’t know of anywhere that you get this type of one-on-one instruction. The college guys that are at the camp are a great help too. It is good for the guys attending the camp to hear first hand of what these college guys velocity was before they started the program. Brent is able to break the 3X principles to where my son can understand it and how each component relates to increasing his velocity. Brent is able, through some of the drills/exercises show the guys how their velocity will increase if they perform triple extension properly. I thought my son was focused before but after this camp he has hit a whole new level of intensity. Thanks Brent Chris Craft - From the Forums - Top Velocity Camp Review
3X Pitching Testimonials Chris Craft - 12/30


Just wanted to say thank you. Tyler signed on Wednesday with Martin Methodist a NAIA school in Tennessee which is only about 55 miles from our house. They won their conference last year. They asked him what contributed to his velocity being in the upper 80’s and he told them performing Olympic lifts and attending Brent Pourciau’s Top Velocity camp in Louisiana. Looks like they only put the Louisiana part in the paper. He is working out everyday doing the top velocity program and looking forward to his senior year. Thanks again. He is wanting to come and stay this summer down there this summer to train in order to be ready for his freshman year.


Thanks again,

Chris Craft

Zach McAlister 76-85mph, Australia to Louisiana

I highly recommend attending the 3x camp as you will gain unlimited knowledge of how to gain velocity and achieve your dreams and goals of becoming a high velocity pitcher. The program will challenge you mentally and physically but you have to be 100% dedicated to it. There are times when you will want to give up because you have "hit the brick wall", you just have to keep riding through it and rememberer to ask for feedback from 3x coaches, they will help your break through that threshold.

Read More About His 3X VCamp Experience, his success with the 3X Program and his trip from Australia!

3X Pitching Package

I understand that by Registering for the
3X Pitching Velocity Camp today
for a ONE-TIME payment of $2500 $1497
I will get with my 3X VCamp Registration +
3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program + L3 + Kindle Fire…

  • Beginner's Guide to 3X PitchingComplete Beginner’s Guide to 3X Pitching – 47 Pages of information to prepare the youth or beginner pitcher for the revolutionary approach to pitching velocity called 3X Pitching.
    Here is what is included:
    * How to get Started on the Right Foot
    * The 3X Learning Curve
    * Video Analysis
    * Beginner Strength Development
    * 3X Pitching Basics
    * 3X Beginner Mechanics
    * 3X Beginner Drills
    * 3X Beginner Training
    * 3X Beginner Injury Prevention
    * Taking it to the Next Level

  • 3X Pitching eBookComplete 3X Pitching eBook – 85 Pages of priceless information, case study after case study proving the effectiveness of the 3X Approach to baseball pitching. Here is what else is in the book:
    * 3X Pitching Mechanics
    * The Power of 3X
    * 3X Torque
    * 3X Precision
    * The Timing Factor
    * Countless 3X Pro Examples
    * 3X Training
    * Speed Mechanics
    * 3X and Long Toss
    * 3X Strength and Speed Ratios
    * 3X Recovery
    * 3X Mindset
  • Velocity Starter eKitThe Velocity Starter eKit - A short guide to everything you will need to be prepared to start the Ace Pitcher Handbook. It includes the equipment that is needed for the drills and exercises, along with the supplements to support your high intensity training. It also includes a mental preparation for this training commitment.
  • Ace Pitcher Handbook3X Training Manual the Ace Pitcher Handbook – This is the complete 16 week training program of 3X Pitching. This training program includes:
    * 3X Velocity Components
    * 3X Velocity System
    * Pitching Guidelines
    * Fusion System This workout is an 8 Week Cycle and isolates Fast Twitch Muscle fibers for developing a Bigger, Stronger, Faster pitcher.
    * Anaerobic Conditioning This workout trains the energy system of the high velocity pitcher along with force production. * Nutritional Guidelines (What supplements pitchers should be taking).
  • Beginner's Guide Instructional VideosInstant Access to the Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide Instructional Video Library – This is 1 hour of videos you will need to learn the beginner drills and beginner training to prepare for the Ace Pitcher Handbook. These drills and training are perfect for the beginner pitcher or all youth pitchers under the ages of 16. Any pitcher over the age of 16 who feels they are not at the beginner level is recommended to at least review the program. These videos equal 4 sessions of private one on one instruction or more. This would be a value of $240 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Velocity System Instructional VideosInstant Access to the Comprehensive Video Drills Library – This is 1.5 hours of videos you will need to learn the drills in the 3X Velocity System. The 3X Velocity System is a proprietary series of throwing drills that will train you to develop the motor coordination around the 3X Pitching mechanics. These drills are critical for the pitcher to implement the power pitching mechanics which is necessary to increase pitching velocity. These videos equal 8 sessions of private one on one instruction or more. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • Fusion System Instructional VideosInstant Access to the Comprehensive Video Training Library –
    This is 2 hours of videos you will need to learn the lifts in the Fusion System. The lifts and exercises are taught to you by Chad Englehart. These videos equal 8 sessions of private one on one instruction or more. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 2 – This is the complete 8 week training program of 3X Pitching Level 2. 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 2This training program is for those who have finished the 16 week 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 1 with the Ace Pitcher Handbook and would like to add even more pitch velocity. It is even more intense than the Level 1 program. The program includes:
    * 3X Advanced Drills
    * Fusion System Level 2
    (This workout is a 3 day per week, 8 Week lifting cycle and a 3 day per week, 8 week throwing cycle. The Fusion System Level 2 focuses on more power production, momentum and joint mobility. It is recommended that you change your workouts every 6-8 weeks. This is a whole new program to help keep your body working towards its top velocity while still in the off-season.)
  • 3X Level 2 Instructional Videos

  • Instant Access to the Comprehensive 3X Level 2 Instructional Video Library – This is several hours of videos you will need to learn the 3X Advanced Drills and all the exercises and lifts in the Fusion System Level 2. These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished level 1 and is ready to take it up a notch. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Pre-Season Program Manual3X Pre-Season Program Manual – This is a complete 4 week training cycle for the relief and starting pitcher. It covers the pre-season throwing program along with the training and anaerobic conditioning program. The throwing program comes with the new advanced 3X drills to help define some of the more advanced 3X mechanics from the lift leg component to the “Load” position. The revolutionary 3X Load Series drills will help you improve your “Sweet Spot” and your “Foot Sync” within your pitching delivery. The program also includes a Nutritional Guide, Soft Tissue Program and much more.
  • 3X Pre-Season Program Instructional VideosInstant Access to the Comprehensive 3X Pre-Season Instructional Video Library – This is several hours of videos you will need to learn the 3X Pre-Season Drills and all the exercises and lifts in the Pre-Season Training for the relief and starting pitcher. These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished the 3X Off-Season Programs and is ready to take their velocity gains into the pre-season. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Mental Mechanics3X Mental Mechanics – This is an audio collection of visualization exercises to help you prepare for a successful season. These exercises include; Begin Breathing, Mental Massage, Map Your Environment, Throw Your Pen, Pitch an Inning or 2, Pitch a High Pressure Inning or 2, Last Pitch Celebration. This is excellent pre-game or pre-workout visualization training.
  • 3X In-Season Program Manual3X In-Season Program Manual – This is a complete 4 week training cycle for the relief and starting pitcher which works around the pitching rotation. It covers the in-season throwing program along with the training and anaerobic conditioning program. The throwing program comes with the new advanced 3X Mechanics Series drills which were developed to help the pitcher to continue to define and refine the 3X mechanics. The program also includes a Recovery Guide, Central Nervous System (CNS) Training and much more. The CNS Training is a new addition to the Training Program that will help the pitcher maintain power and also enhance performance all season long.
  • 3X In-Season Program Instructional VideosInstant Access to the Comprehensive 3X In-Season Instructional Video Library – This is several hours of videos you will need to learn the 3X In-Season Drills and all the exercises and lifts in the In-Season Training for the relief and starting pitcher. These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished the 3X Off-Season Programs and the 3X Pre-Season Program and who is ready to take their velocity gains into the new season. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session or more.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide3X Pitching Mechanics Guide - 51 page guide covering the 2 Phase Delivery, 3X Pitching Mechanics and the 3X Advanced Components.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Instructional Video Stream - 1-2 hours of video covering all of the information and more from the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide with Brent Pourciau.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Volume 2 - 53 page guide covering the Evolution of the High Velocity Pitcher and the 3X Advanced Components Volume 2.3X Pitching Mechanics Instructional Videos
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Volume 2 Instructional Video Stream - 1-2 hours of video covering all of the information and more from the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Volume 2 with Brent Pourciau.
  • 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3 - This manual takes 3X Pitching 3X Pitching Mechanics Guideto level 3 which has a major focus on 3X Torsion. The requirement to start the Level 3 manual is a 1.3 power to weight ratio. This level of power is needed to complete and fully benefit from the most advanced pitching velocity program in the game. This program was developed for those pitchers who need more support to break 90mph or who are working to be more consistently over 90mph.
  • 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3 Instructional Video Stream - 1-2 hours of video covering all of the drills, lifts, exercises and more from the 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3. Everything is instructed in this video series from the 3X Pitching Velocity program Level 3 manual.3X Pitching Mechanics Instructional Videos
  • 3X Kindle Fire - The Awesome Kindle Fire with complete access to the entire 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program to hold all of the instructional videos and digital copies of all the 3X Pitching material. You will receive this when you arrive at the camp.
  • BONUS #1: 1 FREE Pitching Video Analysis – Send in your video for analysis to help get you heading in the right direction. This is up to a $350 value for FREE.3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3 Instructional Videos
  • BONUS #2: FREE One on One Email Coaching – This in itself is priceless. You have 24-7 access to a highly experienced and educated Coach, to answer all of your questions, at anytime. WOW!
  • BONUS #3:5 FREE 1 Hour Phone Calls with Coach Pourciau – Yes, you can actually call and speak with the coach each month of the program to make sure you are staying on target towards your velocity goals. You can call his number any day between 10am and 6pm! Wow, how many programs will give you this bonus?
  • BONUS #4: 15% Discount to any 3X Velocity Camp – You will receive a coupon code with your purchase of the program. The 3X Velocity Camp is a 3 day camp that will coach you one on one through the entire 3X Programs to help you reach your pitching velocity goals even faster. This is over a $100 value.3X Pitching Mechanics Guide
  • BONUS #5: 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Jim “The Rookie” Morris – This interview has been called one of the best baseball pitching interviews on the web.
  • BONUS #6: 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Gayle Hatch – Learn from a legend and learn how he changed programs like LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and more!
  • BONUS #7: 60 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Kurt Hester – Learn why baseball is behind sports like football and basketball when it comes to strength and conditioning. Kurt calls MLB strength and conditioning programs, glorified physical therapy programs!



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About Coach Brent Pourciau

Brent PourciauBrent Pourciau has been certified by USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach. He is a retired professional pitcher and current advisor to several D1 University Baseball organizations as a pitching velocity specialist.

He has been coaching high school, college and professional pitchers to increase pitching velocity for the past 10 years. His success in training pitchers to reach their velocity goals came first with himself, when he overcame a major rotator cuff tear in college to come back and play pro ball. Not only that but he topped out at 94mph after Doctors told him he would never pitch again.

Ok, let's get serious now!

Yes, I did what very few have been capable of doing in baseball. My life has been nothing but an obstacle course. I was cut from my ninth grade team and the next year I trained my butt off and started varsity, we almost won state. I was born dyslexic and almost flunked out of college. I did what three well respected Doctors and the trainer for the Giants and Dodgers said I would never do, which was to pitch in professional baseball and throw 94mph after a rotator cuff tear at 18. I didn't have the best professional career in the states but overseas I put up some better numbers. I am not Nolan Ryan or Roger Clemens but I would bet I could teach them something about how someone with poor or average velocity can add 5-10mph to their fastball. This is because I not only did it for myself but I helped many different types of pitchers do it in their careers. I love what I do and I am not going anywhere. I am not just a marketer, I am a pitching coach and a pitching trainer. I am coaching and training pitchers everyday at my Baseball Academy in Louisiana called Guerilla Baseball. I also believe this and I have been told, that I am the best when it comes to velocity.

I am bragging about my coaching and training ability but when it came to pitching I was average. I always said if I can do this then anyone can. I know what it is like to suck. I know what it is like to struggle to the point of wanting so bad to quit. I know what it is like to hate this game. This is why I can coach and train pitching so well because I had to almost kill myself to become an average professional pitcher.

I added 10mph to my fastball post surgery!

I was shocked the day this happened. I will never forget. I was playing in a summer league in Los Angeles, California. It was a great league. The league had Bret Saberhagen, Todd Zeile, Jose Canseco to name a few. I was having a blast because I was striking out a lot of guys. I think I had like 120 K's in 50 something innings. It got to the point that my teammates were telling me that I need to stop playing amature ball at 26 years old and go tryout for pro baseball. So I asked a friend to come and we both tried out at a Scouting Bureau camp. They made me pitch last because I was the oldest kid there. They almost forget about me. I had to wait almost 8 hours to pitch to the only scout who was left. He was with the Twins. I topped out at 94mph. The scout ran up to me and said congratulations son have you ever thrown the ball 94mph. I said no. I couldn't believe what he just told me and the next few months was a great ride to pro baseball.

Here is me pitching to my childhood idol Jose Canseco!

I love this game and the opportunities that I was given are priceless. I never would have had these opportunities if I didn't work so hard to create them. I want you to have the opportunities that I had in this game and this is why I want to help you achieve your velocity goals. The benefit I get is reliving my good memories through helping you create good memories. This is why I put a guarantee on this program. I promise you that you will not find a better program on the web than 3X Pitching or a more dedicated Pitching Coach and Trainer than with me. What do you say? Let's create some once in a lifetime opportunities for you?

3X Pitching Velocity Program

You can call me at (985) 377-9249

Written by Brent Pourciau

Skype me HERE!

My status

3X Pitching Testimonials

Couldn't Have Done it Without You!

“Thanks for all you do Brent. I’ve gone from 68-70 MPH to 85-88 MPH in about ten months and I couldn’t have done it without you. I really appreciate it and hope I can repay you someday. Thanks!”

Drew Clement

Yahoo Answers

“the ace pitcher handbook is a really good guide, IF you already know what yur doing. it shows you the way to use more rotation with your hips and eliminates the all-arm throws that screw up young pitchers arms.i used it, im 14 and my fastball got 23 mph faster withing 8 weeks. it now tops off at 85 mph!” – John @ Yahoo Answers

Satisfied Father

“Brian hit 90 for the first time in late April. The drills must be working.”

- Bob B

I Tried Everything

“We had 4 of our arms sign D1 on Wednesday with 1 more to decide this weekend. We have a talented group and I have used a lot of the 3X Pitching with our pitchers. I was a traditional "standard" mechanics guy for years as a young pitching coach, but the ideas of 3X pitching have changed how we develop our pitchers and it has been for the better. Thanks for your time. I hope to attend one of your camps or seminars in the near future for myself to help continue to make our pitchers better. ”

– Travis Hergert - Head Baseball Coach - North Iowa Area Community College

I Saw Results Quickly

“Only 1 month into 3x Pitching I gained 2 mph. It gave me the confidence to continue on and reach my velocity goals. I recommend this program to anyone.”

– Ryan D

Dont Waste Your Time!

“Dont waste your time with anything else. Wait until you start learn 3x. I thought I knew what I was doing. This stuff blew my mind and made me realize every other program I used was junk.”

– Joseph S

I Hit 90!


“I hit 90! This program is the bomb!!! The Olifts are the key!!! If you don't buy this program you suck....”

– Tyler G

My Son Got Drafted!

"GREAT NEWS!! My son Gabe was just drafted as the second pick in the 25th round (#753 overall) of the MLB Draft by the Seattle Mariners!"

"Just FYI, I am a member of Dick Mills' All About Pitching Program and Paul Reddicks' 90 MPH Club, I have read numerous pitching articles from Dale Ellis' The Complete Pitcher website, visited chrisoleary.com, and spent a lifetime on YouTube and different websites trying to understand the mechanics of pitching (and hitting). I've spent thousands of dollars trying to get my two sons the correct pitching information and results that everyone promises, but with minimum results. I have to give it to you, the $157.99 that I paid you has to be the best investment that I made for my kids' careers! If there is pitching instruction out there that is better than what you offer, I have not found it yet. Mahalo Nui Loa for all of your help!"

- Glenn S

I'm a Coach!

"I'm a coach who's been buying and studying everything I can get my hands on about pitching for thirty plus years. I always figure that if I learn one thing from anything I buy it's worth the expense. Your stuff passes the test easily. You do as good a job of summarizing the important phases of a powerful delivery as anyone I've ever read - and I've read and studied all the "name" guys as well as lots who aren't "names". Can't believe I never knew about you until I ran across you on the internet a few weeks ago." - Darrell R

From the Forums

"It's a pleasure to join the forum, Brent. I was just watching your analysis of John's son, Colten. For those of you who are reading some of these topics, you seriously need to watch as many of Brent's analyses as possible. They are extremely educational. Brent does the best job I've ever seen of analysing lower half pitching mechanics and the effect they have on arm speed and ball velocity. It's one thing to say that long explosive strides equal velocity, but Brent's explanation of how triple extension affects the hips and the separation between hips and shoulders really explains it in a way that can help pitchers implement high velocity mechanics. This forum is a treasure of information. I just recently purchased the 3X program and joined the forum, and I've already gained fresh insights on things I've been teaching for years." - Coach Robo

Are these testimonials legit?

These testimonials are 100% authentic.

90% of these testimonials were completely unsolicited emails or messages sent to me from people who have used 3X Pitching. They are all unedited.