Coach Gayle Hatch Interview

Coach Gayle Hatch is one of the founding fathers of strength and conditioning. He is the protege of the legendary Alvin Roy, who was the first strength and conditioning Coach to be hired by a professional sport. Both Alvin Roy and Gayle Hatch are to credit for the strength and speed of today’ s athletes. I was lucky enough to get a phone interview with the world renowned Coach Gayle Hatch. Most of the interview is covering the accomplishments of him and his athletes. He created the Hatch System of training, which is used in many top NCAA Div 1 programs and professional sports all across this country. It has been an honor to know him for the past 7 years and he is a pillar of the community here in Louisiana. Here is his bio and the 48 minute interview:

Gayle Hatch’s contributions to Olympic-style weightlifting and strength training are quite considerable. He has been active as a weightlifting and strength & conditioning coach for more than thirty-five years. Among Hatch’s many accomplishments are memberships in both the USA Weightlifting and USA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Halls of Fame and he served as Head Coach of the men’s 2004 USA Olympic Weightlifting Team that competed in Athens, Greece, the home of the modern Olympics.  His club, the Gayle Hatch Weightlifting Team, has a tradition rich program that has won forty-eight USA Weightlifting National Championships. Coach Hatch has also had athletes make three United States Olympic Teams, and 12 World Teams. He has had more than 50  athletes selected to other U.S. international teams. Some of the outstanding lifters coming out of the Gayle Hatch program include Olympians and World Team Members, Bret Brian and Tommy Calandro, and Olympic Squad and World Team Members, Blair Lobrano and Matt Bruce, as well as World Masters Champions, Walt Imahara and Chuck Meole. Hatch has also had 20 athletes selected to Junior World Teams including junior American record holders, Buster Bourgois and Brandon Baker. Read more

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  1. Jason says

    Where can I find a book or DVD on the Hatch System? I want to implement it into a basketball off-season strength program.

    I'm very up-to-date on the Olympic lifts but I want to see the Hatch System's rep/sets/on-off days

    This would be great! Thanks


  2. Ron says

    Brent i want to know how to do these lifts and i want you to tell me where to start off, or are all these lifts in the fusion system

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