Free Pitching AnalysisYou can add 2-3MPH to your fastball with a video pitching analysis TODAY! Pitching analysis is critical to reaching your velocity goals and becoming an elite pitcher. The problem is most well know pitching coaches charge expensive prices for a video pitching analysis. I have decided to offer this priceless services for FREE. Yes, I will give you your first video pitching analysis for FREE. If you are wondering why you need a pitching analysis then here are some reasons why you need to send me your video today.

Why you need a FREE Video Pitching Analysis TODAY

  1. You can’t see what you are doing wrong in your delivery.
  2. You do not have the education of explosive total body pitching mechanics.
  3. You are not getting any better mechanically.
  4. You do not have much time left in your career to make changes.
  5. You do not have the money to pay for a professional pitching analysis like this.
  6. Your mechanics maybe causing serious injury to your arm.
  7. You may have 2-3mph or more in your body but your poor mechanics are holding you back.
  8. You need a fresh new eye to look at your delivery.
  9. You want to get better.
  10. You want to learn what it takes to throw 90.
  11. You need something to jump start your career!
  12. You know this is exactly what you need and it is FREE!

I have put together hundreds of pitching analysis that has helped hundreds increase velocity, improve precision and efficiency and gain confidence. You can join this group today by sending me your link to your video for your FREE pitching analysis. View all pitching analysis here.

What you will get in a FREE Video Pitching Analysis

* First you need to shoot footage of yourself in a perspective that doesn’t distort your mechanics, an example would be a complete side view from first or third base, then you need to post the link to your video here or send it to me by going to the CONTACT US link above.

  1. Your pitching delivery will be put next to footage of a pitcher with good mechanics that you can emulate to help you make the necessary adjustments.
  2. I will then document a complete evaluation of your delivery and point out your weaknesses and strengths.
  3. Last of all I will give you direction on how you can correct your issues through drills, exercises and lifts.

Why is this Pitching Analysis better than any other professional Pitching Analysis?

The answer to this question is simply. I do not coach using conventional wisdom. I have developed a revolutionary approach to pitching which is growing more popular everyday. I have several high schools, colleges and baseball academies using my 3X Pitching Velocity Program. To learn more about this program and my approach to pitching, select the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

Why should you stay away from coaches who use conventional wisdom?

This is important because the game is very mechanical as you know and most baseball mechanics are occurring in the game at speeds that the human eye can not capture. This is why conventional wisdom plagues the game. Conventional wisdom is a broad public understanding of the game. The problem with it in baseball is that the understanding of the mechanics of the game have changed completely in the past 10-15 years due to digital science. The ability to use high speed cameras and motion capture to slow down the mechanics of the game opened our eyes to what was actually occurring. We then learned that the game was being taught incorrectly in many areas. Conventional wisdom still echoes threw the mouth of coaches who have not educated themselves on the new science of the game. Conventional wisdom will eventually evolve to the new science of the game but it will take some time for this evolution to occur. So during your career you must search for coaches who have educated themselves outside of conventional wisdom or you too will be taught inaccurate mechanics of the game, which can be determinantal to your career.

You may not get this opportunity again. Send in your Pitching Video TODAY!