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Broomfield Pitching InstructorBroomfield 3X Coach Name: Coach Tom Dedin Jr
Broomfield Business Phone: 720-474-0915
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It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Broomfield, Colorado – 3X Coaches BIO:

Tom Dedin Jr., a former Head Coach at Parkland Community College, Head Assistant Baseball Coach at Coastal Carolina University and Regis University, collegiate coach of 17 years, and one with 30 years of teaching and instructing young athletes how to succeed in baseball.  Currently, Tom is an instructor and coach at Thunder Academy in Broomfield Colorado.

Tom has had the great fortune to be mentored and trained by many outstanding coaches throughout the years. He has been associated with and has been tutored by many successful coaches. Son of Illinois Hall of Fame coach, Tom Dedin Sr. He is the Former Athletic Director and baseball coach at Providence Catholic High School, former University of Illinois, Regis University Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach, and USA Baseball coach. His uncle, Matt Senffner, Former Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at Providence Catholic High School, a 9 time State Champion and Hall of Fame coach.  Coaching associations with many other current and former collegiate coaches such as, Gordie Gillespie, and Augie Gorrido college baseball’s winningest baseball coaches, Jack Leggett of Clemson University, John Vrooman of Coastal Carolina University, and Pat Harrison of Pepperdine and University of Oklahoma, are a small sampling of the coaches I have worked with or been mentored by.  Finally his new association with Brent Pourciau with Topvelocity has allowed Tom the opportunity to grow his knowledge in the training and pitching development.

As a coach, Tom is very skilled at teaching the games’ fundamental skills and managing game activities. Many of my former ballplayers have either advanced to high school, college or even professional baseball ranks.  Over the past four years at Thunder Academy, Tom has assisted in the development of 29 player who came through the Thunder Academy system and have been able to move on to the collegiate ranks and play in college. Tom is the Thunder Academy Pitching coordinator and instructor.  His goal is to work with Topvelocity owner Brent Pourciau to help more kids improve their chances at playing baseball at higher levels of play from college to professional baseball.

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