Back Leg Drive Styles of High Velocity Pitchers

The drive leg is poorly coached in this game. Mainly because most pitchers and coaches do not know the three different styles of drive leg functions in the high velocity pitching delivery. You will always hear coaches and pitchers talking about the lower half but rarely do you hear how to use it.

A study links the lower half to the majority of the energy driving the pitching velocity (1).

Kibler and Chandler calculated that a 20% decrease in kinetic energy delivered from the hip and trunk to the arm requires a 34% increase in the rotational velocity of the shoulder to impart the same amount of force to the hand.

This study also proves, that without a dynamic lower half, wear and tear on the arm becomes a problem. Once you are able to understand how the pitching mechanics work within the kinetic chain, this is the link between all of the joints in the body, then you will understand how important the lower half is to the entire process of pitching.

In this video, you will learn the three different ways high velocity pitchers use the lower half in the pitching delivery. You will also learn the pros and cons of these different drive leg functions. This is a great video for those who have a novice understanding of how the legs work in the pitching delivery. Please share or like the video if you feel it is helpful.

Three Drive Leg Styles of the High Velocity Pitcher

These are the three different drive leg styles covered in the video above with examples to these drive leg functions. You will find other high velocity pitchers using these different styles or slight combinations of these styles.

  1. Rotational Drive Leg – Zach Lee
  2. Knee Slamming Drive Leg –  Yordano Ventura
  3. Triple Extension (3X) Drive Leg – Aroldis Chapman

Drive Leg Reference:

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