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mlsb-tryoutFrequently Asked Questions About MLB Open Tryout Camps.

*Note: The information below comes from Major League Baseball at MLB.com. Please read the frequently asked questions below before posting a comment or sending us an email.

Q. “Who is in charge of your tryout camps?”

A. Territorial scouts from the Major League Scouting Bureau sponsor the tryouts. They work for Major League Baseball and all 30 major league organizations.

Q. “Are there any age requirements as to who can tryout?”

A. All players must be at least 16 years old to participate.

Q. “What should I bring to the camp?”

A. Bring gear that you would practice or play a game in. (Hat, cleats, glove, baseball pants). Bats and balls are provided at the workout. Catchers may want to use their own catching gear.

Q. “Is there any cost involved to tryout?”

A. The tryouts are free of charge. Transportation costs are those of the participant.

Q. “I’m a center fielder and a pitcher. Can I tryout at both positions?”

A. No, a participant will be asked to choose their best position.

Q. “Can I go to other MLSB Open Tryout Camps?”

A. Yes, participants can attend as many of the tryouts as they wish.

Q. “Do I have to register for the camps?”

A. Registration cards will be passed out prior to the beginning of each camp to identify each participant.

Q. “Who watches the players at these camps?”

A. All thirty major league baseball organizations are invited to the tryouts.

Q. “If a team is interested in me after seeing the tryout, can they sign me to a professional contract on the spot?”

A. No, the tryout camp must be finished and the participant cannot sign until he leaves the facility.

Q. “What are the chances of a baseball player signing a contract out of a MLSB Tryout?”

A. About 1 out of 1,000. This is a rough estimate made by TopVelocity.net

If you have any questions that you would like to add to this MLB FAQ, please post your questions below.


If you would like more information on what to expect at a MLB Tryout then read this article on MLB Tryout 101. It is important to be prepared before attending the event. The MLSB runs every tryout the same and you will look stupid if you do not know what is going on.

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  • I stayed for the whole tryout and scrimmag and thought I performed well. When would they contact me because the organization has three more open tryouts. Would they contact everybody their interested in after all the tryouts are done?

  • Here is the MLB Scouting Bureau 2012 Tryout Schedule

  • I have a question, how often do y’all do try outs and where? My son has been playing baseball since he was 7 years old and is very good at every position he plays..He played on competitive teams since an early age..He has won VIP almost every year and started pittching at an earlly age..By the time he was 7 years old he was pitching at 75 to 80 miles an hour the coaches were impressed and couldn’t believe it..He is eighteen now and he has expressed the desire to play ball..How do we go about doing this? Any information would help please and thank you so much

  • What are the odds of me having a pitching position if I am not a US citizen?

  • Edward Duran
    June 5, 2012 2:46 pm

    by batting speed u mean hitting a ball at 90mph and up?
    and throwing i dont think ill make it 🙁

    • You can test bat speed with a bat speed radar. Scouts do not usually use this device but if you have a bat speed of over 90mph you will be what they are looking for.

      If you need any help increasing your pitching velocity or bat and running speed then checkout the programs in the product section.

  • Here are some numbers they are looking for:

    60 yard dash = 6.7 and Under
    Throwing Velocity = 90mph and Up
    Bat Speed = 90mph and Up

    If they are interested in you they will get your information and follow up with you. If they are not interested in you they will leave you a lone.

    If you need help improving these numbers checkout the products on the site above.

  • Edward Duran
    June 5, 2012 1:29 am

    I just graduated out of high school, class of 2012, im 17 years old 6’4 215 pounds never actually put effort into my high school team baseball because they just suck but i want to do the tryouts and im really good at hitting the ball and i hit it hard 60 yard dash probably about 6’8 seconds to 7’0 i know is slow but im big and also i play way too many positions like 3rd outfield first and pitcher whenever im ask to also im able to hit the ball without putting much effort to it more than 330 feet left field pulling of course do you think if i try out they would give me a chance at least to go to their baseball camps and start practicing to get even better and by the age of 19 or 20 be ready to the mlb or they just want guys to be ready right away

  • Wilson Hernandez
    June 4, 2012 8:47 pm

    Can a release player able to attend the try out?

  • Im glad there is no age limit as well. I am 24. I am an OF with good speed and an above average arm. I don’t hit for power but if I get on, I can steal a bag or 2. Hopefully I have an opportunity.

  • No, when you show up for the camp you will fill out a player card. This is where you put your information like name and address. Then you will get about 8 pitches in the pen with a radar gun. Good luck!

  • I’m glad to see there’s no age limit. Now this might seem silly to alot of people, but here goes. I’m planning on attending a tryout this year as a pitcher, and I’m gonna be 40 years old when I do. Too many people tell me I need to. I play in a 35 and older league and I have 1 pitch in my arcenal. A 60 to 65 MPH knuckleball that has 0 to 1 revolution from my hand to the plate. About 70% of them are actually strikes, and I have pitched 14 innings straight without needing a break. My question is when you sign up, do you specify if you a starting or relief pitcher?

  • They move the tryout locations each year. What do you mean by PT test?

  • I have a question, where do they hold these tryouts? same places each year or are they all different each time, the closest one i saw for me was in GA. doable but its a 7 hour drive.

    by the way, Brent, is that itinerary the only primary PT test? (extra if they ask ofcourse but is there more to it than just that?)

  • If you are 16 or under then you need to be with a legal guardian.

  • No age limit.

  • Just wondering if there is an maximum age limit at the tryouts. Thanks

  • Just wondering I know there is a Minimum age limit at the tryouts but is there an age Limit?

  • James, if they are interested then they will talk to you at the camp and inform you of their interests in you. If they spoke with you at the camp and told you that they were interested then usually this will lead to another tryout for the teams National Crosschecker.

  • How long does It take to hear back on if you made it or not and will there ne a denial and acceptance notification?

  • No

  • Are the age groups split up? Say between like 16 year olds and 19 year olds

  • This is the itinerary.

    1. 60 yard dash

    2. Pitchers throw

    3. Position players hit

    4. Take infield

    5. First Cut is made

    6. Inter-squad

    7. Go home!

  • How do the tryouts go? i.e. game situations, inter-squads, etc.

  • This depends on the city the tryout is being held in. Bigger cities will have more area scouts attending.

  • Since a mlsb tryout is being held by the major league scouting burea and not a specific team, is there a lot of scouts from different teams that attend the mlsb tryouts?

  • No you do not need any form of education to play pro ball.

  • Do you have to have a high school diploma to play pro baseball

  • Tryouts last most of the day. If you make the second half of the tryout you could be there until dark. They usually list the tryout dates in May.

  • How long does each the tryouts last? and when will they post the new tryout dates for 2011?

  • Yes you can just show up at the tryout. They only require that you have a legal guardian if you are under 18.

  • I have played baseball through out my life, but in high school i did not i did track&field , but i am looking to get back into baseball at 19 years of age. my question is that, can i just go and tryout and the MLB bureau tryouts? do i have to go though any steps to get to go to them?


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