I am 48 years old, a 2 time Olympian and multiple World Record Holder in the javelin. I am still competing and am on track to qualify for my 8th Olympic Trials in 2012 when I will be 50 – honestly.
My main focus in my throwing is doing standing throws – which is very unusal for a javelin thrower. The last few years I have been working on a new technique that can generate a lot more power and accelerate my arm and release speed.
This video captures my standing throw and the 4 key positions:
I believe this technique can be used by baseball pitchers with the same or even greater benefits.
I would like to hear from any coaches or players out there as to what they think?

FYI: I was clocked at 100mph with a baseball back in 1985 when I was 23 and I have never had a single injury in my entire life in my shoulder or elbow!