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pitcher or quarterback?

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February 6, 2010
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April 16, 2013 – 11:18 am
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singtall said
I have a friend that has an 11 year old son that can throw a football like a dart from 40 yards out, but doesn’t quite have the best velocity when pitching.  the advice he has been given is to pick a sport and stay with it.  


my question is:  can a good pitcher also be a good quarterback?


will 3x pitching mechanics also work for throwing a football?


Certainly, a pitcher can be a good quarterback, depending on his abilities in concert /correlation with his teams defensive prowess/abilities.

Unless a pitcher short arms his throwing arm route when taking the ball out of the glove or hand as an infielder or quarterback said pitcher will need to adjust his throwing arm route to execute a short quick release as I have mentioned in my comments above.

3x mechanics should basically be executed during the quarterbacks throw, only within a faster, shorter 3x extended drive foot and leg. hip to shoulder separation also needs to be executed similar to pitching only with a shorter,/quicker stride leg  to plant down due to  the difference of time between preparing to deliver the baseball to it’s target and delivering the football to it’s target.

Hip to shoulder separation should be taught during regular throwing exercises and should become second nature but consequently very few if any players are taught how to rotate their hips and shoulders away from their target and then how to rotate back forward and execute hip to shoulder separation during the throwing movement, when playing catch players catch the ball while facing the ball and then more or less just stand there facing/squared off with their target and throw from there with little or no rotation and or hip to shoulder separation.

As the great one “Mr Ted Williams” taught us all many moons ago, “LET THE HIPS LEAD THE WAY,” whether it be hitting or throwing.

Good baseball-n to all.

Hustle, practice diligently and constructively.

Don Ervin


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February 6, 2010
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May 10, 2013 – 9:30 pm
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Don said

Zedoryu said
Somewhat inspirational video there “and at the end of the day, you gotta ask yourself, did i get better today? was i the hardest working player in the country today? did someone else out work me today? and for all those questions, you know, i can say that i was the hardest worker today becuase i truly believe that no one out worked me today and yes i did get better” :D . Anyway, back to the question. A good pitcher can be a good quarterback, but there are differences to the way they throw. A quarterback wants to get the ball as fast out of their hands as possible, so they are using mostly their arm and don’t need as much velocity. Also quarterbacks throws straight to the receiver so that he can catch the ball. As a quarterback you only need to focus on letting the receiver catch without anyone intercepting the ball. Unlike pitchers, pitchers work with speed and velocity, they need to get their throw as fast as possible, so they incorporate more power and strength from their legs and hips to generate the speed we need. Obviously the 3X program will work for quarterbacks, but the mechanics of 3X won’t be relevant. It’s like throwing from a position. They don’t need 3X to throw, but want they need to increase their velocity is force vector, separation. To get more information on that read this /increase-velocity-for-position-players/.


Well, many seasons ago catchers began to have Labrum and other shoulder problems then when sports science researchers  began to find out how the throwers body in motion especially catchers functioned inside and out they found out that the way catchers were being taught to bring the glove straight back with pocket facing the throwing shoulder with ball in hand being brought straight straight back out of the glove to the ear with the elbow dropped down and throw the ball from that position was putting a lot of negative pressure on the shoulder area, so in order to relieve that pressure it was decided to, as I have been doing with infielders and catchers for years, which is the fastest and quickest way  to { basically} deliver the ball to it’s target, football or baseball, which is to let the elbow lead the ball in hand straight back shoulder high,”NO HIGHER,” parallel to the surface out of the glove or out of the hand as in throwing a foot ball, then from that arm position the elbow is rotated {shortly} forward, internally as the fore arm externally rotates as in throwing/pitching a baseball then the fore arm comes on back through into it’s forward internally rotated, extended ball release position  the {main object here} is to {start and keep} {the {elbow} from {dropping} {down} {below shoulder height} [during the complete throwing movement,]  again,  this short quick rotated arm movement is with a doubt the fastest, quickest and most accurate way for catchers and quarter backs to deliver the ball to it’s target. This arm movement is not a familiar movement to any coach,parent or player that I have come into contact with, they just let their catchers and infielders throw any old way just to get rid of the ball, I had a high school coach tell me that he tells his third baseman who drops his elbow and pushes the ball across the infield to just get rid of the ball as fast as possible and then hope for the best, like in hockey when a defensive player is approached by a puck carrier coming at him at high speed while he is more or less standing still, and futilely {STICK POKES AND HOPES.} for the best which very seldom happens.for the best.

Don Ervin


Don said
I constantly run across those coaches, players and parents who think they know whether a pitcher is using the body or not and in reality they have absolutely no clue, I talked to a high school coach recently who thinks he knows how the body should function during the pitching movement, I suggested to him that he get on this web site and to send in a video clip of one of his pitchers for an analysis if he is smart he will do so and will see that he simply does not know, he actually went out to the mound and chewed his pitcher out for not using his hips, can you imagine a bonehead coach doing such a thing as that? I talked to his starting pitchers dad of the first game who had no idea about the importance of the first move and the proper usage of the hips and drive foot, I gave him info.about this web site and even gave him some visual aids to view and suggested that he send some video clips to you for analysis, haven’t heard from him about lesson times as of yet. Without the use of video I use the drive foot and leg as a first indication as to  whether the first move is being executed properly or not, the majority of pitchers start their body movement  backwards by first leading the hips with the drive foot and leg, one of the pitchers on one of the high school teams told me he was working on using his legs, his first movement is to deeply collapse his hips and drive leg knee straight down then just step forward and pick up his drive foot and leg , nothing there except stepping forward, he usually has good control which amazes me with all of the negative movements he executes.

Well so much for that.
Don Ervin

Miss wording above

I notice  that when going back over my above comments I said that  without  the use of video my first indication that a pitcher was starting out with backwards movements was  due to  the drive foot and leg leading the hips, I meant to say the {stride foot and leg} leading the hips.

Don Ervin


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