How to Best Use Stride Length to Increase Pitching Velocity

Studies have linked more stride length to pitching velocity (1). More importantly an increase in stride length will enhance perceived velocity. That is how fast the pitch looks to the hitter. This is extremely important to the pitcher because 90mph at 55 feet is slower to the hitter than 90mph at 54 feet.

The problem is most pitchers and pitching coaches try to improve stride length with the lead leg. This is an ineffective approach to using stride length effectively for the pitcher. The drive leg is the only way to improve stride length while also increasing pitching velocity.

This video will talk about why 3X Pitching is by far the best approach to enhancing stride length to increase perceived velocity and pitching velocity. What this video will not talk about is the mechanics and the training it takes to using the drive leg to enhance stride length, perceived velocity and pitching velocity.

3X Pitching Velocity Program

This revolutionary pitching velocity program was developed to train the low velocity pitcher how to use the legs, specifically the drive leg to increase both perceived velocity and pitching velocity. If a young pitcher does not have the ability to use the legs when generating ball speed he will always struggle to use more of his lower half. He must understand the science behind the lower half of the high velocity pitcher and the type of training it takes to implement it into a low velocity pitcher.

This program is a full careers worth of experience after overcoming a rotator cuff tear in the process to develop elite leg power to drive a high velocity fastball. If you want to gain a careers worth of elite knowledge of high velocity pitching with a full years worth of training programs to use it in a short amount of time then you must get the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program ASAP!

Stride Length Reference:

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