How to Develop Extreme 3X Power to Increase Pitching Velocity

Develop Extreme 3X Power to Increase Pitching VelocityYes, strength/power development increases pitching velocity. As much as baseball doesn’t want to hear it but there or numerous studies that prove the benefits of strength and conditioning for the baseball player and the athlete in general. Many of these studies are listed on this site. It should just be common sense that if the human body was developed to adapt to all outside stimulus or die then training an athlete through resistance or repetitive ballistic movements will enhance performance over time. You would think this was common sense but this simple logic is not that common in baseball still today.

How to Develop Maximum Power for the Pitcher

Some recent research by the School of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Western Australia, has discovered some of the most effective and efficient ways to develop maximum power in the athlete. This research is documented in the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. The document is called, Developing maximal neuromuscular power: Part 1–biological basis of maximal power production. Part 2 – training considerations for improving maximal power production. You can read the documents here: Part 1 – Part 2 –

The most significant finding in the document is the critical relationship between strength and power. Here is an excerpt covering this discovery:

First, a fundamental relationship exists between strength and power, which dictates that an individual cannot possess a high level of power without first being relatively strong.

These findings are supported in their case study called, Adaptations in athletic performance after ballistic power versus strength training. Here was the conclusion of the study:

Improvements in athletic performance were similar in relatively weak individuals exposed to either ballistic power training or heavy strength training for 10 wk. These performance improvements were mediated through neuromuscular adaptations specific to the training stimulus. The ability of strength training to render similar short-term improvements in athletic performance as ballistic power training, coupled with the potential long-term benefits of improved maximal strength, makes strength training a more effective training modality for relatively weak individuals. Read the entire study here:

This is proof that strength training is the foundation for building the power athlete. This is why legendary strength Coach Gayle Hatch uses a serious squat regime to build maximum amounts of strength first in his elite athletes. The problem is this is how most pitchers in the game of baseball DO NOT train. Most baseball organizations avoid this kind of strength training. They spend most of their time with running and joint integrity training. They rarely have their athletes, especially their pitchers, push 1.5X or 2X their body weight with their lower half to build a dominant strength base. This is why steroids had such a tremendous effect on the game because these baseball players had no idea that an athlete “cannot posses a high level of power without being relatively strong.”

The research documented above continues on to define how the perfect strength training program can develop maximal power in the athlete or pitcher. Here is another excerpt from the research:

The use of ballistic exercises with loads ranging from 0% to 50% of one-repetition maximum (1RM) and/or weightlifting exercises performed with loads ranging from 50% to 90% of 1RM appears to be the most potent loading stimulus for improving maximal power in complex movements.

Here once again we learn that velocity specificity is best practiced with either a ballistic movement, like with a plyometric movement, or a heavy load resistance movement close to ones maximum voluntary isometric contraction, like with the squat. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program has proven both training movements used together to be the most effective. Why use one or the other when you can use and benefit from both? The reason the Olympic Lifts are the superior power training tool over the ballistic and the heavy load training movement is because it is both a ballistic and a heavy load movement in one. This is also why it is the foundation of the Fusion System in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

The document concludes with a valuable piece of power training information. Here is the excerpt from the document listed above:

A training programme that focuses on the least developed factor contributing to maximal power will prompt the greatest neuromuscular adaptations and therefore result in superior performance improvements for that individual.

This means for a pitcher to make superior performance improvements he must first focus on his weaknesses and improve these weaknesses. This is also why the 3X Pitching Velocity Program has been so effective. The majority of low velocity pitchers who come through the program have very poor leg and core strength. Using the Fusion System from the 3X Pitching Velocity Program it mainly focuses on this weakness. This is why a 5-10 mph jump in the 16 week program is common. The catch is most low velocity pitchers do not have the focus or drive to make it through this challenging program.

The Steps to Develop 3X Power and Increase Pitching Velocity

What we have learned, once again, is that strength is just as important as power and once we have this strength/power it must be enhanced through both a ballistic and heavy load environment.  Also we must first address our weakness.

Here are the steps to developing this 3X Power to Increase Pitching Velocity.

  1. First start with the beginner training program here.
  2. Learn the techniques to perform the Olympic Lifts along with plyometric movements before performing them.
  3. Discover your weakness during this training and begin to isolate and improve them.
  4. When ready for the challenge, step up to the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.
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  • Creo en relación fuerza y ??poder, yo vivo la experiencia con mi hijo, durante su exhibiciones le exigen poder, pero en sus entrenamiento como prospecto sus coach no se dedicaron hacerlo fuerte, para lanzar con poder ahora el esta combinado los ejercicios de potencia con ejercicios de flexibilidad y logramos obtener resultados favorables para su físico y sus lanzamiento con velocidad y potente, aumentamos las millas siguiendo las recomendaciones de Mr. Brent Pourciau. Saludos Gracias..

  • Creo en relación fuerza y ??poder, yo vivo la experiencia con mi hijo, durante su exhibiciones le exigen poder, pero en sus entrenamiento como prospecto sus coach no se dedicaron hacerlo fuerte, para lanzar con poder ahora el esta combinado los ejercicios de potencia con ejercicios de flexibilidad y logramos obtener resultados favorables para su físico y sus lanzamiento con velocidad y potente, aumentamos las millas siguiendo las recomendaciones de Mr. Brent Pourciau. Saludos Gracias..

  • not sure if you still are on the fence about Olifts, but you should also do the olympic lifts because they will make your other lifts more explosive, you will start being able to push weight harder and faster, getting more explosive results and gains. I’ve experienced this firsthand. I really think one of the reasons I have a good deadlift compared to my squat is because all the Olympic lifting I’ve been doing.

  • Brent I will use both the deadlifts and the olympic lifts in the same workout so I am garaunteed to get stronger with more velocity

  • This is just my advice but you are wasting your time not perfecting the Olympic Lifts. I know you are young but I promise you that when you are older and you look back to this page, you will wish you focused more on the Olympic Lifts.

  • I don’t clean everyday. I workout monday, wednesday and Friday and I made up my own program. Monday I’ll dead lift 1-5 rep. bicep curls for 10 reps and a back workout for the lats for 10 reps. Once I feel like my dead lift has gone up I’ll do some cleans to see what happens.

  • Ron, why are you just cleaning everyday? The Fusion System in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is loaded with a ton more exercises and lifts than the cleans.

  • I have found that I can’t increase my clean just by practicing cleans every week.

    In this video this is what you need first, then when you get to this point, well you don’t have to lift this heavy, but then do olympic lifts which maybe add a bit of muscle and over the course of a year or two velocity should drastically go up.

  • I have to agree with Ron, sorry Brent. I still believe that strength lifts are superior in building the foundation in the pitcher, then O-lifts and Med Ball work transfer that power onto the baseball field (or any sport really). You posted the evidence yourself in both the article above and your comment. Strength training (ie. deadlifts with high intensity, low volume to produce higher overall maxes in every lift), then O-lifts (ie. powerclean with high intensity, low to medium volume to transfer the strength gained into power, and also biomechanics of 3x), Med Ball drills (to further biomechanics and move “power curve” more towards the least developed side of the spectrum at this point which is pure speed movements), and then finally speed movements (sprints, plyo’s, resisted lateral jumps, bullpen).
    After the Eric Cressey hate fest that was posted on the forum, I actually started doing a lot of research on his program and liked most of what he does. However, his throwing program philosophies are awful, and he does not include O-lifts which have great value if incorporated into a program.
    I believe each of you have a missing piece to the puzzle. Ace-Pitcher handbook is dominated by O-lifts which causes slow gains in those that are weak. “Show and Go” has no O-lifts which makes creates difficulty in converting strength to power.
    I really wish you two would get together and make a program. THAT would be the million dollar program.

    • “Ace-Pitcher handbook is dominated by O-lifts which causes slow gains in those that are weak. “Show and Go” has no O-lifts which makes creates difficulty in converting strength to power.”
      How is the Ace Pitcher Handbook dominated by the Olympic Lifts? Here is the list below of lower body lifts in the Fusion System. I see more of a dominance in strength lifts than the Olympics lifts. There is also no proof that Olympic Lifts “cause slow gains.” The only true power lifts are the Olympic Lifts, that involve as much speed as they do strength. That is the true definition of power. Also no other lift in the weight room trains triple extension except for the Olympic Lifts. Both of you guys think you have morphed two programs together to make the perfect or “million dollar program” and all it sounds like is you are doing the 3X Pitching Velocity Program without the Olympic Lifts. If that makes it a “million dollar program” then you are going to have to prove this theory. Ask anyone who has either trained with me all summer or come down for the 3X Velocity Camps what they think of the Olympic Lifts and they will tell you that they are the key to pitching velocity.

      The reason for this article was to show that you will benefit more from not just doing the Olympic Lifts or if you are a beginner then you need to focus on your overall strength just as much as your success with the power training in the Olympic Lifts. You guys are completely misinterpreting this information by saying it is proof that you shouldn’t focus on the Olympic lifts at all. If you read the list of articles below on the benefits of the Olympic Lifts for pitchers you should come to an understanding of their critical benefits to pitchers. I would highly recommend you both read these articles.

      Olympic Lifts
      Hang Clean
      Clean Pull
      Power Clean
      Power Jerk
      Split Jerk

      Strength Lifts
      Front Squat
      Pavel Squat
      Back Squat
      Box Squat
      Step Up
      Romanian Deadlift
      Glute Ham Raise

      Olympic Lifting Articles for Pitchers

  • Mulepower is correct strength training is better for pitchers than olympic lifts. I think Olympic lifts can be used occasionally, but the bases for more velocity should be these exercises in the 1-5 rep range. Dead lift, squat, and the bench press. Brent, don’t you think we should focus more on pure strength of 2 to 3x your body weight than cleaning and snatching which won’t produce as much power. It makes sense that a guy with a 600 lb. dead lift can easily clean 300 lbs. You don’t clean more to increase clean.

    • No Ron, this is completely wrong. The Olympic Lifts are far superior when it comes to power production. Here is the Power Development Chart – based on work of John Garhammer PhD.

      Bench Press 300 Watts
      Back Squat 1100 Watts
      Deadlift 1100 Watts
      Snatch* 3000 1750 Watts
      2nd Pull** 5500 2900 Watts
      Clean 2950 1750 Watts
      2nd Pull 5500 2650 Watts
      Jerk 5400 2600 Watts
      Exercise Absolute Power (Watts)
      100kg Male 75kg Female
      *Total pull: Lift-off until maximal vertical velocity
      **2nd pull: Transition until maximal vertical barbell velocity

      The other reason the Olympic Lifts should be the foundation of any power pitching program is because they are the ONLY LIFTS in the weight room that train triple extension (3X). This is why they can produce more power.

  • Doesn’t this study prove exactly what I was saying in my fast twitch development post: strength training being the base for developing power?


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