MLB Tryout Camps 2010

MLB Tryout Camps 2010Major League Scouting Bureau: 2010 Tryout camp schedule

Tryout camps are open for all players over 16 years of age. There is no fee. Registration will be done 30 minutes prior to start of camp. All players must bring their own equipment. IMPORTANT: Each player must sign a liability waiver to participate. If player is under age 21, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the waiver. A waiver can be obtained in advance at or at tryout camp registration. Tryouts subject to change.


Do not make the mistake and attend a MLB tryout camp without knowing what to expect and what they will expect of you. If you plan to make an impact this year with scouts I recommend that you visit at least two different camps in distant locations. Call up some teammates and make it a road trip. Each camp may have area scouts from different clubs and scouting bureau scouts who run the tryouts. The reason for attending more than one is to put yourself in front of as many area scouts as possible.

Follow this link below to start educating yourself on what to expect! Best of luck guys!

FAQ MLB Tryout Camps

Date Time Location City/State
6/10 9 a.m. Edelen-Haydon Field
2735 Barsdtown Rd
Springfield, KY
6/10 9 a.m. Stephenson High School
701 Stephenson Rd
Stone Mountain, GA
6/10 9 a.m. Linderwood University
209 S Kings Highway
St Charles, MO
6/11 9 a.m. Patterson Field
Atlanta Hwy
Montgomery, AL
6/12 10 a.m. Bill Esping Field-Westgate Complex
8133 D Street NE
Omaha, NE
6/16 9 a.m. Purcell High School
201 Lester Lane
Purcell, OK
6/16 9 a.m. MLB Urban Youth Academy
901 E. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, CA
6/19 10 a.m. Greg Vaughn Field
8324 Bradshaw Road
Elk Grove, CA
6/23 9 a.m. LaPierre Field
200 Lesa Marie Lane
Kennewick, WA
6/24 9 a.m. Smith-Wills Stadium
200 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS
7/12 9 a.m. Robin Roberts Baseball Field
Corner of Wright St and Straubel St
Madison, WI
7/15 9 a.m. Cashman Field
850 Las Vegas Blvd North
Las Vegas, NV
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  • We will be holding pro tryouts in Tucson Arizona on March 13th 2011 in Tucson Electric Park and In NJ on March 19th with more coming check our site for registration and upcoming Tryouts!

  • The MLB tryouts are in the summer. You will need to wait for them to be listed in May.

  • Michael Howard
    November 11, 2010 3:29 pm

    Hi i am from pittsburgh,pa and I wanna to tryout for a MLb team and I am having a hardtime finding tryouts. Is there any way that you could help me find a open tryout?

  • The Scouting Bureau usually posts the tryouts around May. All their tryouts are in the summer.

  • How soon will 2011 tryout schedules be available.

    Are there any tryouts in November – December and January or early in year?

  • Mandi Coleman
    August 8, 2010 12:13 pm

    I was curious to whether or not there was any tryouts in august or September? I have been looking online to find tryouts and my fiance has pretty much missed all the dates besides open tryout for the orioles. Which we are trying to make hopefully we will be able to get our airline tickets. Please let us know if you have any tryouts from august on up. Thanks

    Mandi Coleman

  • Roger Lykins
    May 17, 2010 12:04 pm

    Is there going to be any tryouts in the Norty Carolina area.


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