Pitching with your Legs

Pitching with your LegsI heard a story about Roger Clemens once about pitching with your legs. It went something like this.

Roger was in high school and Nolan Ryan was his favorite pitcher. He always wanted to see his rocket arm up close and personally, so one day he got a ticket to watch him pitch in Houston for the Astros. He showed up early to the game so he could watch him throw his bull pen. Roger went over to the pen and waited for Nolan to show up. He was expecting to see this long explosive arm rocketing the ball to the catcher. What he noticed immediately when Nolan started to throw was the size and power of his legs. He could not believe that he had not notice the essences of Nolan Ryan’s power, which was his legs. This convinced Roger that if he was going to have a rocket arm like Nolan, then he too would have to develop big and powerful legs.

Unfortunately, it took surgery for me to have this epiphany. I had to completely tear my rotator cuff to realize that the arm isn’t enough. The legs are so much bigger and more powerful than the arm. The key is training them to be more explosive and then developing the motor coordination to use this power when throwing a baseball.

The Leg Power of Hard Throwers

Most hard throwers use their incredible leg power to convert to the velocity of the ball. When I say power, I am referring to speed and strength. It isn’t enough to just be strong or to just be fast, you must be able to use them both, at the same time, which I call explosive strength. If you know how to build explosive strength, through your legs during your stride correctly, then this can be converted to rotational forces through physics and not through voluntary rotational movements. This would be the same as using a transmission to convert combustible power into the rotation of the tires.

If you want to learn more on how to use your leg power to through harder then you need to start learning about Triple Extension or 3X. This is a component of hard throwers that was discovered here at TopVelocity.net and along with separation is the main key to reaching your top velocity. I highly recommend you read through this site to learn more about 3X and you also sign up for the FREE gift at the top right corner of this page.

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  • He is a lot like David Price. These are guys who genetically have a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers. They do not have to generate as much torque as guys like Chapman and Lincecum to throw hard. These are those guys who have the gift.

    I wasn't this type of pitcher. I was the guy who was average to below average after my surgery, so I had to learn how to max out everything I could, so my velocity was high enough to compete. This is why most guys who use my program are not guys who are already throwing hard. If someone who does not throw hard uses the mechanics of guys like David Price or Carlos Marmol then they will continue to not throw hard. If you want to learn how to throw hard then you need to mimic guys like Chapman, Lincecum, K-Rod and kick your ass in the weight room and on the training field.

  • Brent i just watched a phillies game when our team beat the cubs yesterday and i noticed this pitchers mechanics that looked a little different his name is carlos Marmol. My question is how does this guy produce a 93 mph fastball just explain his mechanics to me or his athletic ability.


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