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This is a video I put together of some pitchers who have had some great success with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. They talk about how they promoted their ability for college recruitment. You will enjoy learning how they were able to get some top level college scholarships in baseball.
Recruiting Tips

College Recruiting Tips [Unlimited]


Learn some critical recruiting tips that will help you grab that college scholarship. These three pitchers will tell you what they did to get attention from a top level D1 University, a lower level D1 University and a D3 university.
These tips in this video could be the difference in playing college baseball or not. It could also be the difference of nailing that top level university over a weaker school. These tips could also save you tons of money in recruiting services and college tuition.

College Recruiting Video Features

  1. How to contact coaches.
  2. How to use showcases for exposure.
  3. How to promote yourself effectively.

“I wish I would have had this information when I was playing. It is Priceless!” – Brent Pourciau

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