Top 10 Ways to Improve Catchers Arm Strength

I get a few emails a day asking how to improve a catchers arm strength. The problem is arm strength has little to do with it. It has more to due with the speed of movement or power of movement and that movement not just coming from the arm.

Before we dive into the top ten ways to improve catchers arm strength we need to make sure that you have a good understanding of how elite catchers can produce sub 2 second pop times. You have a choice in this process. You can either shorten the time you take to release the throw or you can produce a harder throw. Those who shorten the time to release are those who have sub 2 pop times with poor throwing velocity and those who work to produce a harder throw are those who have sub 2 pop times with high ball speed. They also tend to have better 60 times and better bat power as well.

Being that you are searching for “Arm Strength for Catchers,” I will assume you want to go down the road of learning and developing a better pop time by improving power of movement. This approach has a lot to do with the base or foundation of the catcher which is the leg strength more than just the arm strength when you learn the physics of a sub 2 pop time.

In this article, I will go over the approach of improving pop time with power of movement and how throwing velocity and pop time improve together. I will also give you the top ten ways to improve catchers arm strength which is actually going to teach you how to do this with your legs and core and not just your arm. Finally, I will give you the best program you can find to helping you develop yourself into an elite catcher with a sub two second pop time.

Catchers Arm Strength: Power of Movement Not Speed of Movement

Once you make the choice of how you are going to improve your pop time, being either speed of movement or power of movement, then you have a base to work with. Most average to below average catchers try to work on pop time without establishing this base. If you try to improve speed of movement and power of movement at the same time, it could work against your pop time. It is best practices to work on one approach or the other as opposed to trying to do both, in this case.

The biggest problem most catchers make, who want to improve pop time with power of movement, is that they do not have good posture or technique getting into their squat positions. Understanding how to actually squat behind the plate can take a few tenths of a second off your pop times or more. The problem is most coaches do not coach squat technique. They just tell you to get down and then they work you offensively or defensively. There is a tremendous performance benefit in getting into a proper squat position for a catcher who wants to improve pop time with power of movement.

The reason a good squat position will significantly improve power of movement is because it gives the catcher a strong foundation to build elite power. Power for the catcher is the act of pushing explosive force into the ground. This will never occur if the foundation is weak. Most catchers with poor pop times do not understand or have the ability to get into a stable squat position. A stable squat position is knees out, feet straight with a vertical spine position. Once this stable squat position has been achieved the catcher can more effectively enhance power through an efficient set of optimal throwing mechanics. You can learn these throwing mechanics in the 2X Velocity Program.

Top Ten Ways to Improve Catchers Arm Strength/Leg Power

This list of the top 10 ways to improve catchers arm strength/leg power will focus on first how to develop the ability to better use the lower half to drive arm speed and then it will focus on the technique in the throw to take advantage of this more stable foundation. If you need more information on how to implement these tips and a systematic program based on an 8 week cycle to guide you through the process then checkout the 2X Velocity Program below.

  1. Develop Good Posture
  2. Develop Good Squat Technique
  3. Front Squat and Back Squat Ass to Grass
  4. Bounce Out of Squat Position with Heavy Resistance in Front and Back Squat (Do Not Create Any Spine Movement in Bottom Position)
  5. Clean Pulls and Snatch Pulls with Heavy Resistance
  6. Knees Out, Feet Straight with Vertical Spine in Squat Position when Catching
  7. Load Weight into Power Pads (Ball of foot to arc)
  8. Maintain Varus Knee Position During Shuffle Step
  9. Use Your Power Up From Ground to Power The Throw
  10. Power Must Move Up Body Like Stages of a Rocket

2X Velocity Program to Develop Sub 2 Pop Time

2X Velocity ProgramThe 2X Velocity Program was developed for all position players looking to enhance their player profiles. It will help increase throwing velocity from all positions, 60 yard dash times and pop times for catchers. Because of the Olympic Style strength and conditioning program to help enhance power production to improve arm speed and leg speed, it will also have the same effect on bat speed.

In the 2X Velocity Program it instructs the catcher on how to use the 2X Velocity Drills to both improve throwing velocity and pop times from behind the plate. It will teach you the full set of 2X Velocity Mechanics before giving you a series of proprietary drills to help you implement them into your throw. This program has had record breaking results when it comes to developing sub 2 pop times, mid to high 90 ball speeds from any position and sub 6.7 60 times. I would highly recommend that you purchase this program together to improve your “arm strength” as a catcher because the program is new and the price will go up as it evolves with the latest science of the game.

Learn more about the 2X Velocity Program or start improving your pop time TODAY!

3X Pitching Velocity Program

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