Salaries for Nutritionists — How Much Will You Earn as a Nutritionist

The pay range of a nutritionist has a wide variance. Based on estimates by PayScale.Com, a nutritionist could earn a minimum of $28,000 to more than 6 figures. It is surprising to note the widely varying salary range of certified nutritionist. So here is a quick look on the factors that can influence the salary level of a nutritionist.

Years of Experience

Like in many professions, the salary levels of certified nutritionists are highly dependent on the years of experience gained by an individual.
Entry level nutritionists could have a starting salary of $28,000 to $38,000.
For practicing nutritionists with up to four years experience in the industry, the salary range is $30,000 to $40,000. Those with a minimum of
5 years experience can also command a $30,000 average salary. If you have 10 years up to 19 years of experience as a nutritionist, then it is possible to earn a salary average of $46,000. For nutritionist with more than 20 years experience, the maximum salary level could reach up to $100,000,

Field of Specialization and Nature of Work

The nature of your job and your unique expertise can also determine your salary potential in the field of nutrition science. Your job description has a direct impact on your salary level.
As an example, a nutrition program administrator working in a hospital environment could command a higher salary than a nutritionist who works as a private coach or consultant.
If you have a job in the public sector working as a community nutritionist of a state funded program, then your salary level will be lower than those working in private hospital or private health clinics.
Your educational background, extra trainings, and special continuing education could significantly increase your earning potentials. Take note that a Registered Dietitians could earn more than a nutritionist.
That is because a Registered Dieticians has more schooling and certification. Professional dietitians could command an entry level salary of $35,000 while those with enough experience and education could have starting salaries of $65,000 annually.
So if you want to boost your income level as a nutritionist, then you need to take more training and get extra certifications from continuing education programs.

Location of Employers

The place where you work is also a big factor that can influence your salary level. For example, nutritionists in New York and Georgia earn about $60,000 to $65,000 average income. Those working in California, Texas, Oregon, Illinois or Ohio could earn less than their colleagues in New York.

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