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Do you offer 1 on 1 training?

Top Velocity is a scientific evidence based training system. Players are educated on how to use the system to continually see results throughout their careers. The best way to think of how we train our athletes is to think of us as a college instead of a tutor. Colleges educate people on how to use specific methods or systems, where as a tutor only provides one lesson, we provide the athletes with everything they need to succeed in one convenient package.

What is the 3x pitching program?

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program is a training program designed to help baseball pitchers increase their pitching velocity by utilizing a three-step approach that focuses on optimizing biomechanics, strength and power, and pitching-specific skill development. The 3x pitching velocity program includes video analysis, customized training plans, and access to instructional resources and support from experienced coaches. 

Does Top Velocity provide feedback after the initial evaluation?

Players who have purchased the program will have lifetime access to all of their programs and records of previous evaluations. In addition, players will be able to contact Coach Brent Pourciau directly via e-mail or text if they have any questions related to their training. 

What other services do you provide?

Top Velocity is not for pitchers only. We offer programs for pitchers, position players, hitters, softball players, as well as a nutrition program. All with the purpose of making you the best athlete possible.

How long does it take to see results?

Athletes will usually see results in as little one-two weeks. This is depending on many factors such as an individual's starting level of strength, technique, and consistency of training. It is important for athletes to understand the dedication to consistent training necessary to achieve optimal results. 

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit on participating in the Top Velocity Programs. Participation is based solely on an individuals level of commitment and whether they are willing to put in the effort required to see the improvements they want.

What does 3x stand for?

3X stands for triple extension, which is the extension of the ankle joint, knee joint, and hip flexor.

Do you offer a nutrition program to help baseball players optimize their recovery and performance?

Certainly! The Top Velocity camp comes with the Top Velocity 2.0 Nutrition program, specially created to assist baseball players in enhancing their dietary intake to optimize recovery and performance for baseball players. Adequate nutrition is a vital factor in boosting a baseball player's performance.

*For those who want to enhance their nutrition and gain an edge in their game, we also provide the Top Velocity 2.0 Nutrition Program as a separate program option.

Do you offer virtual/remote Training?

Yes. All Top Velocity programs are available through our remote training program.

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