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Dr Patrick McNeil
Executive Director
Co-owner of Top Velocity Performance Centers



Dr. Pat was first introduced to Brent Pourciau in 2009 when his son was selected to the first Guerilla Baseball travel team. At that time Top Velocity was being created by Brent. Their relationship has grown over the past 10 plus years and now have a unified purpose in growing Top Velocity’s methods and advancing the health of Top Velocity athletes. Dr. Pat has taken his 20 plus years working with patients and created the Top Velocity Nutrition Program to educate and train Top Velocity athletes in specific systems designed to enhance athletic performance.

Dr. Pat works weekly with athletes at Top Velocity Headquarters in Covington, Louisiana providing chiropractic care and advice for related health issues.

In 2019, Dr. Pat joined Top Velocity full-time and committed to creating the franchise model for Top Velocity. The Top Velocity Performance Center business model and training has grown quickly in the past 12 months adding 22 affiliate locations with many more joining per week.

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Get the advantage over the competition

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program was built to develop a healthy high-velocity pitching delivery. Maybe you are pitching through pain, recovering from an injury, or just not throwing hard enough to get noticed at the next level, then this program was built for you.

    • Pitching analysis - Gain insight into how your mechanics are affecting your pitching velocity
    • Mobility analysis - Player’s pitching mechanics are influenced by their mobility, learn what mobility factors are holding you back
    • Med-ball drills - learn the proper pitching mechanics through drills specific to the stages of an elite pitchers mechanics
    • Certified olympic lifting coaching - Olympic lifts are key to optimizing a players ability to generate explosiveness.

Optimizing your Velocity

With over 20 years of experience, Brent Pourciau has been helping players avoid career ending injuries. Join the ranks of the hundreds of players who have become testimonials to the veracity of Brent’s program. Increase your velocity while drasticly reducing the chance for injury! Attend online or in person, whichever way you choose to attend, rest assured you will be receiving the same quality program required to help you achieve your velocity goals.

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