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Cutting through the “Old School” conventional wisdom, Brent Pourciau is a game changing, MLB Bio-Mechanics Consultant for 2 MLB teams, advisor to more and current performance enhancement coach to MLB and MiLB players. Brent will leave your team educated on the latest information in the game and fully equipped to gain the advantage in this game.

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This event is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are serious about taking their game to the next level. Whether as a group of coaches or players, this event is perfect for those who want to generate the maximum amount of velocity possibly while remaining healthy.

Why hire brent Pourciau to speak?

    Pourciau has over 20 years of experience coaching athletes to get to the next level in baseball. Pourciau's velocity programs have generated more 90+mph testimonials than any other program on the market.

    Through Pourciau's teaching, you will have all the tools you need to master the foundations of the 3X velocity pitching system, which teaches how to use the kinetic chain to produce the maximum amount of velocity possible, while reducing stress on the arm. Through biomechanical analysis Pourciau will show you where you are losing energy in your kinetic chain and show you the opportunities you have to maximize your gains in velocity.


    "What we learned from Coach Pourciau's time with our team was indescribable, his knowledge of player development is unmatched, and helped our team to unprecedented success last season."

    Coach Tucker Hughes

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    2022 could be the year you optimize your teams and coaches performance...or the year you have left behind.

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