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Brent Pourciau M.S.
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The story of Brent Pourciau is not merely about overcoming a potentially career-ending injury; it unfolds as an epic tale of intellectual curiosity, thorough scholarly investigation, and revolutionary advancements within the realm of baseball performance optimization. His journey from rebounding from a critical rotator cuff injury during his initial collegiate game to defying medical expectations by not only returning to the pitcher's mound but also achieving speeds in the low to mid-90s as a professional, marks a milestone in baseball narratives, extending beyond mere motivational stories to a demonstration of the efficacy of science-backed research and exploration. Brent's significant insights and developments in baseball training stem from his detailed scrutiny of peer-reviewed studies, which led him to unlock the secrets behind maximizing athletic potential.

Equipped with a master’s degree in kinesiology and advancing towards a Ph.D. in Sports Science at Liberty University, Brent's scholarly dedication and a deep-seated understanding of human biomechanics have transcended his personal experiences on the field. This unwavering quest for knowledge birthed the revolutionary TopVelocity programs, recognized not just for their roots in Brent’s personal journey to recovery but for their solid scientific underpinnings as well.

Brent’s role as a consultant for numerous MLB organizations and D1 colleges has cemented his reputation as a leading figure in the enhancement of baseball performance, introducing the latest scientific findings to the highest echelons of the sport.

The essence of Brent's extensive research and hands-on experience is captured in the development of TopVelocity's hallmark programs, each carefully designed to target specific performance enhancement goals:

  • 3X Pitching Velocity Program: This pivotal program is engineered to significantly boost pitching velocity through a holistic regimen encompassing biomechanics, strength conditioning, and flexibility drills.
  • 2X Velocity Program for Position Players: Created for field players, this program concentrates on increasing throwing velocity, serving as an essential tool for infielders and outfielders striving to improve their defensive capabilities.
  • 2X Sub 2.0 Pop Time Program for Catchers: Aimed specifically at catchers, this program is designed to markedly enhance pop time—the essential time it takes to transfer the ball from glove to glove—thereby improving a catcher's effectiveness against base stealers.
  • GFT Hitting Program: Focused on the art of batting, this program accentuates the development of bat speed and power, catering to batters eager to leave a substantial impact during play.

Furthermore, Brent’s introduction of proprietary training implements like the Stride Excelerator and the Trunk Excelerator has set new precedents in training methodologies. These tools are not merely innovations but represent Brent's conviction in melding sports science with practical training to achieve remarkable enhancements in performance.

At the age of 47, Brent Pourciau’s influence transcends his role as an inspiration; he stands as a pioneer of innovation and excellence in baseball coaching and performance enhancement. His advisory work with MLB teams and D1 colleges, alongside the creation of specialized training programs and tools, showcases his dedication to advancing athletic performance. Through his endeavors, Brent Pourciau has forged a legacy of progress driven by knowledge, reshaping the training landscape for baseball athletes at all levels.

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Get the advantage over the competition

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program was built to develop a healthy high-velocity pitching delivery. Maybe you are pitching through pain, recovering from an injury, or just not throwing hard enough to get noticed at the next level, then this program was built for you.

    • Pitching analysis - Gain insight into how your mechanics are affecting your pitching velocity
    • Mobility analysis - Player’s pitching mechanics are influenced by their mobility, learn what mobility factors are holding you back
    • Med-ball drills - learn the proper pitching mechanics through drills specific to the stages of an elite pitchers mechanics
    • Certified olympic lifting coaching - Olympic lifts are key to optimizing a players ability to generate explosiveness.

Optimizing your Velocity

With over 20 years of experience, Brent Pourciau has been helping players avoid career ending injuries. Join the ranks of the hundreds of players who have become testimonials to the veracity of Brent’s program. Increase your velocity while drasticly reducing the chance for injury! Attend online or in person, whichever way you choose to attend, rest assured you will be receiving the same quality program required to help you achieve your velocity goals.

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