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3X Video AnalysisIf you can not afford a 3X Video Analysis then you have a great alternative. Learn to do your own 3X Pitching Video Analysis to increase pitching velocity.
I put together a 3X Velocity Class to teach you exactly how I put together a 3X Video Analysis. These are the same video analysis I use in the 3X Velocity Camps that you can watch on my YouTube Channel. It is also the same video analysis that you can purchase here: 3X Video Analysis.
In this article, you will learn what is included in the 3X VClass #1 - 3X Video Analysis and how it will change your game forever. You will learn how effective it is in helping you increase pitching velocity and become a high velocity pitcher.

Pitching Video Analysis Critical Velocity Tool

The biggest mistake most pitching coaches make is not using video analysis to help their pitchers. It takes a high velocity pitcher less than one second to delivery a pitch. This is to fast for the human eye. If a pitching coach is not slowing down video he is not capable of providing feedback on the mechanics of a pitch.
There is no excuse in todays game to not use video analysis. You can get video analysis software on your phone for nothing. I give away how to build a high end analysis rig for less than $1000 in the 3X VClass. You will have the same technology of a major league team with this affordable rig.
Once you have your rig setup and you are ready to shot video you will only need one pitch at game speed. Do not record yourself throwing anything slower than game speed. You will also need some video of a high velocity pitcher at game speed. Just as you do not want footage of yourself at anything less than game speed you also do not want to pair yourself to a pitcher who is throwing at 60%. This would be like studying footage of Usain Bolt jogging so you can learn to run as fast as him. This would be ridiculous!
If you would like footage of pitchers that I use in the 3X Video Analysis then please contact us and we will send you the links to the youtube video. Once you get those likes all you need is an online youtube to mp4 converter to download the video to your computer and then your mobile device.
The mobile software that I highly recommend for performing a video analysis is Ubersense. This is a free program and has all of the bells and whistles of a high end video analysis program.

3X VClass #1 - 3X Video Analysis

This 3X Velocity Class is over an hour of information on 3X Pitching and the famous 3X Video Analysis. This video will help you perform your own 3X Video Analysis. It will not only give you the information you need to perform the analysis but it will help guide you with the latest analysis technology.
Here is what is covered in this 3X VClass:

  1. 3X 2 Phase Delivery
  2.  3X Pitching Science
  3. Overview of the 3X Pitching Mechanics
  4. A Complete Breakdown of a 3X Video Analysis
  5. The 3X Pitching Profiles

This 3X Velocity Class is ideal for those who want to perform their own 3X Video Analysis or for those who have watch a 3X Video Analysis and would like more information on the process. Here is an example 3X Video Analysis:

To gain access to the unlimited stream to the 3X VClass #1 covering the 3X Video Analysis then follow the information below.

3X Video Analysis3X VClass #1 - 3X Video Analysis

1) 3X 2 Phase Delivery 2) 3X Pitching Science 3) Overview of the 3X Pitching Mechanics 4) A Complete Breakdown of a 3X Video Analysis 5) The 3X Pitching Profiles
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