Phil StrangolagalliPhil Strangolagalli started playing baseball in kindergarten. Ever since Phil could remember, he had the dream to play professional baseball. He played until he was around 12 years of age. He stopped playing because in short, his dream was crushed. He’s been told plenty of hurtful things over the years when he played baseball. Stuff like, “you’re not good enough.” etc. Phil knew he had a passion in his heart to play baseball, but because of the words he heard or lack of words, he gave up at this age.

Here is Phil now at the age of 21 with a healed heart. A strapping young-man with determination. September 2013 began the reviving of Phil’s baseball dream. All those words, all that pain, would suddenly change to a come-back story. Phil would then use these words as motivation to get to his dream. Since September 2013, Phil has practiced individually, visited baseball clinics, and trained in the gym nearly everyday. No matter what words have would have been spoken to discourage him, he knew that nothing was impossible.

After school ended for Phil in late April in 2013, Phil started playing on an independent baseball team as a pitcher. He went in without playing since he was around 12 years old. Throughout the span of three games Phil pitched-Phil threw 5 scoreless innings, won a playoff game, and threw a few 1,2,3 innings. Phil then realized it wasn’t just about playing on this team…

Throughout the summer, Phil then learned that it wasn’t just about an ‘independent’ baseball team for him. For, Phil, he realized the passion was so big, that he would desire to go even further, he would desire to play professionally. Phil has had opportunities just open for him from practicing with a Princeton baseball pitcher to being coached by a few pitching coaches. Phil has taken all advice from every coach he has been trained by. Coaches like Brian Aviles who played on the Braves, Robby Aviles who is now playing with the Indians, and Lou Bernardi who is known for his coaching ability throughout Long Island.

Phil Strangolagalli’s Current Baseball Training

As far as Phil’s training goes, Phil has not only taken Coach Brent’s videos and articles and applied them in his training, but from September 2013 Phil has went from Deadlifting 95lbs to now in 2014 Deadlifting 375lbs: Phil has also went from Squatting 135lbs to now Squatting 375lbs. Phil’s desire goes beyond numbers, his pure passion for the game is what is driving him forward. Phil sees everyday as an opportunity to get better. Though instruction says that a pitcher should have a long-toss partner, when Phil didn’t have one, he would throw by himself. That is just an example of the work ethic that Phil has instilled in his life.

Phil discovered after doing some thorough research on pitching. Phil found out that there was a pitching camp coming up in January 2015, Phil desires to go to the camp. Phil saw all the testimonies of pitchers entering the camp and increasing speed rapidly. Phil will do whatever it takes to hit 90mph. Phil believes that with Coach Brent’s help, Phil get even further than that.

Phil Strangolagalli Fundraising

Phil is in college and as many of you know, college students are obviously not the most financially suited people in the world, in fact finances are a struggle for many college students. Phil’s goal is to raise $2,000 to attend TopVelocity Camp in January. Will you help Phil towards his dream of becoming an elite pitcher?

Here is the link to help Phil fund-raise for the TopVelocity camp  The video on the page was made about one year ago by a one of Phil’s biggest supporting fans, his girlfriend.