3X VClasses

3X Velocity ClassesDo you want to become a student of the game? Then this is your chance!
The 3X Velocity Classes are here to help you master this game especially the art of high velocity pitching. This is not for those who are looking for a quick fix but for those who want to develop elite skills on the mound. If you want to reach your full potential then it will not only take practice but deliberate practice. This deliberate practice schedule will also need to be on a consistent basis if you are going to reach your full potential. This is why I developed the 3X Velocity Classes. It is for those who have the 3X Pitching Velocity Program or for those who are planning to purchase it. It will support your pitching velocity training by helping you get the most out of your hard work. You will never get lost working towards your pitching velocity goals while participating in these 3X VClasses.
To learn more view the 3X Velocity Class schedule and curriculum below and book a class today or save money with a 3X VClass subscription.

3X Velocity Class Schedule

All classes will be on Wednesday evening at 8pm CST each week of the month. The classes will be 1:30 long.
*If you can not attend a class and would like to request a better day & time please post your request here in the forums.
3X VClass Day & Time Request

3X Velocity Class Curriculum

The topics that will be covered are listed below. If you would like to request a new topic for a 3X VClass then please post your request here in the forum.
3X VClass Curriculum Request
These topics will be covered not in this order. Each Topic will cover one class. The current topic will be emailed to you before the 3X VClass is launched.

  1. 3X Video Analysis
  2. 3X Mechanics (50+ 3X Mechanics to cover)
  3. 3X Performance Enhancement Training
  4. 3X Implementation (This is for players and coaches trying to implement 3X into their current programs)
  5. 3X Mental Game
  6. Pitching Velocity Science
  7. 3X Pitching Mistakes
  8. 3X Contraindicative Training
  9. 3X Mobility
  10. 3X Arm Care
  11. 3X Youth Development
  12. 3X Goals
  13. 3X Game Time
  14. 3X Coaching
  15. 3X Nutrition
  16. Velocity Program Comparison
  17. 3X Pre-Season
  18. 3X In-Season
  19. 3X Recovery
  20. 3X Equipment

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3X Video Analysis3X VClass #1 – 3X Video Analysis

1. 3X 2 Phase Delivery 2. 3X Pitching Science 3. Overview of the 3X Pitching Mechanics 4. A Complete Breakdown of a 3X Video Analysis 5. The 3X Pitching Profiles
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How to Master Separation3X VClass #2 – How to Master Separation

1. 3X Separation 101 2. 3X Separation Science  3. 3X Separation Video Analysis  4. How to Measure Separation?  5. 3X Drills to Train Separation 6. Questions & Answers
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3X Velocity Class #33X VClass #3 – High Velocity Legal Performance Enhancement

Includes: 1. The Best Form of Training to Enhance Pitching Performance 2. Contraindicated Training 3. The Legal and Natural Performance Enhancement Cocktail 4. The Mental Game to Performance Enhancement 5. The Goal of Max Effort Training
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3X Velocity Class #43X VClass #4 – 3X Pitcher Evaluation System

Includes: 1. Download the 3X Pitcher Evaluation Report 2. Learn How to Measure All Anthropometric Data 3. Learn How to Measure All Performance Data 4. Learn How to Red Flag Injury Potential with Biomechanics 5. Learn How to Identify Performance Potential with Biomechanics 6. How to use this evaluation to transcend your career!
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