3X Velocity Camp Online Course

3X Pitching Velocity Camp Online Course

3X Pitching Velocity Camp – Online Course

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This online course was not only developed to simulate the famous 3X Velocity Camp just outside of New Orleans, LA. It was developed to also to be the most successful Pitching Velocity Program you can find and it has proven to due just that. In its beta version it has shown to increase the success rate of those following the 3X Pitching Velocity Program by 146%. That is an amazing improvement to the success rate of these programs.
If you haven’t already, checkout all of the 90+mph testimonials from the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This is the most successful pitching velocity program online. If you have not learn about the revolutionary science behind the program then checkout the home page here to learn all about it.
Learn Everything about the 3X Pitching Velocity Programs below!
3X Pitching Velocity Program Defined
In the information following below you will learn the layout of this unbelievably effective system and what is included in the online course. Once you purchase the Online Course below you will receive an email with the login info to your personal account. The first screen you will come two when you login is the dashboard that you see here.


Section #1 – Full Access to all the 3X Programs

The first tab on the Online Course is your full access to the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program. You have access to all the manuals and instructional videos as a download. This is just like buying the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program.
Here is what is included:

  1. 3X Pitching Beginners Guide with Instructional Videos
  2. 3X Pitching Book which covers the comprehensive approach
  3. 3X Pitching Mechanics Guides and Instructional Videos
  4. Level 1 Off-Season Velocity Training called the Ace Pitcher Handbook and Instructional Videos
  5. Level 2 Off-Season Velocity Training with Instructional Videos
  6. Level 3 Off-Season Velocity Training with Instructional Videos
  7. Pre and In-Season Velocity Training with Instructional Videos

Section #2 – 3X Pitching 101

The second tab on the Online Course is full access to 3X Pitching 101. This is a series of videos teaching the science behind 3X Pitching. You will learn more about pitching performance in this section than anywhere else in the game. It also includes a video on how to follow the entire course effectively to receive the best results possible.
Here is a sample of what you will learn:

  1. The 2 Phase Delivery
  2. 3X Science
  3. 3X Approach
  4. Basic 6 3X Components
  5. 3X Advanced Components

Your 3X Pitching Book, 3X Pitching Beginners Guide and 3X Mechanics Guides also have similar material to learn from.


Section #3 – 3X Evaluation

The third tab on the Online Course is full access to the 3X Evaluation where you will learn to measure your current anthropometrics and performance movements. You will then submit this information to learn your mobility and performance strengths and weakness to be used as a focus point as you train through the program.
Here is a sample of what you will be measuring:

  1. Body Height
  2. Body Weight
  3. Wing Span
  4. Ankle Mobility
  5. Hip Mobility
  6. Trunk Mobility
  7. Shoulder Mobility
  8. Forearm Strength
  9. Total Body Strength
  10. Power Production
  11. Speed
  12. Pitching Velocity

Section #4 – 3X VTraining

The fourth tab on the Online Course is full access to the 3X VTraining. This includes how to start and effectively follow your Off-Season, Pre and In-season 3X VTraining. It will go over everything you need to how to best set your maxes for your Fusion System training.
Here is a sample of what is included:

  1. Introduction to both the 3X Velocity System and the Fusion System.
  2. How to use the King of the Hill Pitching Training to enhance your 3X velocity System Training.
  3. How to Start the Beginner Training
  4. How to Start and Following the Level 1 Mobility, 3X velocity System and Fusion System training.
  5. How to progress to the 3X Pre and In-Season Programs.

Level 2 and 3 Off-season VTraining are not included in this section. This is an upgraded level to the Online Course. You still have full access to the Level 2 and 3 manuals and instructional videos.


Section #5 – 3X Analysis

The fifth tab on the Online Course is full access to the 3X Analysis. This will show you exactly how to film and submit all of your videos for analysis. It will also show you how to record your progress through the 3X Programs so Coach Brent can monitor your progress for support through the program.
Here is what videos you will be submitting for analysis:

  1. Med Ball and Target Throws from the 3X Velocity System.
  2. Power Clean from the Fusion System
  3. Pitching Delivery for the 3X Pitch BioMetric Analysis similar to the one here.


Section #6 – 3X Bonus

The sixth tab on the Online Course is full access to all the 3X Bonus material. This includes many great interviews I have had with pivotal figures in the game of baseball or performance enhancement. These videos are more proof that conventional wisdom does not drive the careers of many the elite athletes and baseball players.
Here is a sample of the 3X Bonus material:

  1. The 3X Goals that define true success in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.
  2. Rebuilding MLB Pitcher David Aardsma with 3X Pitching Velocity Program
  3. Interview with Jim “The Rookie” Morris
  4. Interview with Kurt Hester
  5. Interview with MLB Pitcher Blake Trienen
  6. Interview with Legendary USAW Coach Gayle Hatch
  7. Interview with Jon Huizinga
  8. And more….

Section #7 – 3X Support

The last and final tab of the Online Course for the 3X Velocity Camp is the support section. This section is here to answer all of your questions and concerns as you move through the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. You also can post comments on all the videos in the Online Course. Please do not hesitate to ask for help or support through this challenging but extremely effective program.
Now is your chance to develop yourself into the elite pitcher that you have dreamed of becoming. Do not hesitate to start this Online Course to the 3X Velocity Camp because you need all the time that you can find. Don’t think because this is an Online Course that the registration will always be open. I can only take on a hand full of pitchers per month. This means register ASAP to secure your spot TODAY! The number below is the amount of available spots that we have left until the registration is CLOSED. Register NOW!

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