One-Rep Max Calculator

One-Rep Max Calculator

What is a one rep-max?

One method of determining your strength is to determine your single repetition maximum, which is also abbreviated as 1RM and indicates the greatest weight you are capable of lifting with just one repetition. One analogy that comes to mind is the runner's concept of their VO2 max.

It is feasible to test one-rep max in practice by simply lifting the weight on the barbell; however, this method isn't recommended for everyone, especially beginners with limited expertise owing to the danger of injuries. If you want to test your one-rep max in practice, simply increase the load on the barbell. The good news is that it is possible to estimate your maximal lift if you are able to perform a predetermined number of repetitions with a lighter weight.

Why should I know my one-rep max?

The output of the one-rep max calculator can be used to monitor your development or to make comparisons with other people, such as using the Wilks score. This is a very typical test of your strength, and it can help you determine who is a superior lifter regardless of sex or weight. The Wilks calculator might assist you in determining yours if you're interested.

Monitoring your one-rep maximum may also reveal issues with your technique or a specific muscle group if the progress isn't what you expected. Additionally, some workout programs use the single repetition maximum percentage. All Top Velocity Programs use this method to establish the baseline from which players can progress. If players do not have a standard or baseline from which to start, there is no way to measure said progress. 

What is the best method to increase my one rep-max?

Ideally, you want a well periodized workout that pushes you to your limit but allows for the proper amount of recovery. That is why in the Top Velocity programs we have our baseline weeks, performance, recovery, and then either performance or a max-week.  Placing the recovery week between the performance and max-week allows the body to fully recover before retesting to see how your body responded to the previous week's stress.

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