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Michigan College Connect Baseball High Exposure would like to welcome the pitchers of MI College Connect. Below is the recommended pitching velocity programs for those pitchers who have been recommended to us. Please review all the material below and either post your questions on the forums or contact us personally. These programs coach and train a revolutionary approach to increase pitching velocity called 3X Pitching. It is an out of the box approach that is extremely intense which requires a full commitment from the athlete. To learn more about the approach and the value of start view the links below. would also like to offer a coupon code for 25% off just by entering the code below during checkout.

3X Pitching 101

  1. Introductory 3X Pitching Video
  2. Velocity Quick Tip Videos
  3. Lift for Show, Load for Doe!
  4. The Importance of Pitching Video Analysis
  5. 10 Legitimate Tips to Pitching Velocity
  6. Pitching Torque and the 3 Pivots
  7. Just Say NO to Long Distance Running
  8. Bad Pitching Mechanics is a Sign of Muscular Weakness
  9. Top 10 Pitching Secrets to Prevent Injury
  10. The 3X to 2X Factor to Pitching Velocity
  11. 3X Pitching – A Holistic Approach to Power Pitching
  12. More 3X Pitching Articles

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3X Connect

  1. 3X Pitching Forums
  2. Ask a Question
  3. Contact Us

3X Pitching Programs

  1. 3X Velocity Programs
  2. 3X Pre and In-Season Programs

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Please email us above to request your coupon. Please send your name, address and phone number you have registered with MI College Connect.