Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Top Velocity Athlete Noah DeadliftingAre you looking for workouts to increase your throwing velocity?

If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss five of the best workouts to help you throw harder. Baseball players often don't reach their potential because they spend their time in general fitness training. Baseball is a sport with unique movements and training demands, and if you want to be successful, you need to focus on exercises that improve mobility, power, and strength. We've included a few Olympic lifts, throwing drills, and mobility exercises to help get you started.

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1. Clean pulls

This Olympic lift works on multiple aspects of the kinetic chain. It upgrades the body's motor control while enhancing power production. Make sure to keep your back flat and engage your core as you pull the weight off the ground, then explosively extend your hips as you drive the weight upwards.

2. Lateral lunges

Improving lateral power is essential for baseball players, and this exercise helps target those muscles. Stand with feet hip-width apart and take a big step out to one side, bending your knee and lowering until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Push off that leg to return to standing before switching sides.

3. 3X Crossovers

3X Crossover is a proprietary throwing drill that teaches hip and shoulder separation. It is a good beginner drill to perform. It is ideal to follow up these drills with the 3X Med Ball Separation throws. This is how you master the elite pitching component of hip to shoulder separation.

4. Shoulder Routine #1

Strengthening your rotator cuff muscles is crucial for throwing athletes, and this shoulder routine includes exercises like external rotation and scaption to do just that. Make sure to use light weights and maintain proper form to avoid injury.

5. Core routine #1

A strong core helps with power transfer from lower body to upper body in throwing motions, so it's important to include core work in your training routine. This routine includes exercises like planks and dead bugs to work those muscles.

Bonus: Drive Drills

While not necessarily a "workout," incorporating more throwing drills into your training is important for developing elite pitching mechanics. Some examples include medicine ball throws, football throws, and target throws.

Implementing these exercises into your regular routine can help you see an increase in throwing velocity. Remember to warm up properly before any workout, listen to your body, and adjust weight or reps as needed.

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