Increase Pitching Velocity Using the Latest Science

Increase Pitching Velocity ScienceIncreasing pitching velocity in today’s age is a lot easier than it was 30 or even 10 years ago because of the latest discoveries in science. The problem is most, I would even say almost all, pitching coaches have not learned about this revolutionary information. There is also a thick shell around the way this game is played and much of this new information is changing the game, which threatens a lot of coaches way of doing business. All you have to do to get a perfect understanding of this is read the book or watch the movie “Money Ball.”

The Business of Increasing Pitching Velocity

Yes, this is a business and I do make a living coaching players through the 3X programs to improve pitching velocity. I do not make enough to be considered rich in this country, but I love what I do because I have been doing this from when I was a young boy. The majority of people who have a coach or instructor in front of their name is also running a business and making money in this game. This is why you find so many opinions to increase your pitching velocity out their, so many different approaches to improve pitching velocity and so many different devices and programs to increase pitching velocity. So who do you believe? I would say ME, but that is my biased opinion!

Now for my unbiased opinion, you need to do your homework and do not just take someones word for it. This is the information age. You can get almost any piece of information with a click of the button.

Yes, I wouldn’t accept Nolan Ryan’s opinion on increasing pitching velocity as fact, if I could not support it with some scientific proof. This is why I have spent my entire coaching career following my professional pitching career researching the science of increasing pitching velocity and everyday I learn more and more revolutionary information that most pitching coaches have no idea it exists. I would like to give this information to you. To learn how to use and implement this information into a pitching velocity program to add 5-10 mph or more to your velocity then I would recommend that you check out the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which I developed with this information below.

Proven Scientific Factors to Improve Pitching Velocity

So let’s start with a clean slate here and open our minds to new information. That means remove the belief that running poles and long tossing is the only way to improve pitching velocity because your coaches said it enough times that you just started believing it. This is critical because you will never truly learn and understand this science if you do not let go of principles that were never backed by science, just some old coaches telling you this is the only way to increase pitching velocity and do not listen to anyone else who says otherwise.

  1. Stop Long Distance Running  – (Long distance running destroys the muscles ability to stretch and fire at a high velocity like with high velocity pitching)

    Elastic properties of muscle-tendon complex in long-distance runners.
    Kubo K, Kanehisa H, Kawakami Y, Fukunaga T.
    Source – Department of Life Science (Sports Sciences), University of Tokyo, Japan.
    Also, long distance runners (LDR) showed significantly less elastic energy absorption (Ee) than untrained individuals (CON), defined as the area below the elongation muscle to force (L-F) relationship curve from 0 to 100% of muscle-tendon complex (MVC). Not only jump heights but also the differences between the heights in squat jumps (SJ) and counter-movement jumps(CMJ), expressed as the percentage of the height in SJ, were significantly lower in LDR than in CON.
    Read the case study here:

  2. Start Olympic Lifting – (Olympic Lifters have more fast twitch muscle fibers that support power and endurance)

    Muscle fiber characteristics and performance correlates of male Olympic-style weightlifters.
    Fry AC, Schilling BK, Staron RS, Hagerman FC, Hikida RS, Thrush JT.
    Source – Human Performance Laboratories, The University of Memphis, Tennessee 38152, USA
    These results suggest that successful weightlifting performance is not dependent on IIB fibers, and that weightlifters exhibit large percentages of type IIA muscle fibers and MHC IIa isoform content.
    Read the case study here:

  3. Increase Hip to Shoulder Separation – (Opening the hips before the shoulders at front foot strike creates for trunk separation which is a major player in increasing pitching velocity)

    NPA Velocity Study conducted 2005-2006
    Tom House, PhD
    Source – 9230 Trade Place Suite # 200 San Diego, CA 92126
    The results from our study indicate that just about 80% of a pitcher’s real velocity comes from the torque of hip and shoulder
    Read entire case study here:…..UV_NPA.pdf

  4. Enhance Your Separation-Timing Margin – (High velocity pitchers have a larger margin of separation-timing between peak pelvis rotation speeds and peak trunk rotation speeds.)

    Baseball Pitching Biomechanics in Relation to Injury Risk and Performance
    Dave Fortenbaugh, MS, Glenn S. Fleisig, PhD,* and the legendary James R. Andrews, MD.
    Source – US National Library of Medicine
    If pitch cycle time is normalized such that 0% represents foot contact (FC) and 100% represents ball release (BR), the instant of peak pelvis rotation velocity is between 28% and 35%, and the instant of peak upper trunk rotation velocity is between 47% and 53%, with a separation of approximately 18% to 22%. Although Matsuo et al did not directly measure this separation timing, the high-velocity group had a separation-timing mean difference of 23%, whereas the low- velocity group had a mean difference of 17%. Stodden et al also found, when analyzing pitcher variations, that the pelvis orientation at the times of maximum shoulder external rotation (MER) and BR and the proper rotational velocities of the pelvis and upper trunk translated into higher ball velocities.
    Read the entire publication here:

  5. Increase Your Stride Length – (The dominant hip is the drive leg hip. More abduction of the drive leg, which produces a longer stride, increase trunk separation.)

    Passive ranges of motion of the hips and their relationship with pitching biomechanics and ball velocity in professional baseball pitchers.
    Robb AJ, Fleisig G, Wilk K, Macrina L, Bolt B, Pajaczkowski J.
    Source – Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Dominant hip abduction (ABD) (r = .63), total arc of rotation in the nondominant hip (r = -.45), and total arc of adduction (ADD) + ABD of the dominant hip (r = .44) were correlated with trunk separation.
    Read the case study  here:

  6. Increase Hip Rotation Speed and Timing

    Kinematic Comparisons Of Different Pitch Velocity Groups In, Baseball Using Motion Model Method
    Keizo Takahashi, Norihisa Fujii, and Michiyoshi Ae
    Source – Doctoral Program in Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan. Institute of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
    third phase was from stride Foot Contact (SFC) to ball release (REL)…
    Hip rotation angular velocity of high velocity group (HG) rose to peak at 27% of the third phase, while shoulder angular velocity kept increasing until 60%. On the other hand, low velocity group (LG) could not increase shoulder angular velocity from approximately 30% to 50% of the third phase since LG increased hip rotation angular velocity until 48%…
    Read the entire study here:

Check back again soon because I will post a ton more scientific research proving how to increase pitching velocity!

If you can’t wait any longer then checkout the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide for 20 more Key Case Studies to support the 3X Pitching Mechanics and increasing pitching velocity.

For a quick kindle read on how to increase pitching velocity.

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Increase Pitching Velocity Using the Latest Science
Learn the proven science to increase pitching velocity. This revolutionary research will give you some key principles to improving pitching velocity today.

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