Tom House

Tom House has been an extremely influential pitching guru in the new science of pitching in today's game. He is the founder of the National Pitching Association and the Velocity Plus Pitching Velocity Program which was recently made popular with the HBO story of Steve Delabar and his comeback to baseball.

Tom House first made his name as the pitching coach for the Texas Rangers and then towards the ends of his career as the pitching coach for the University of Southern California. He has worked with many well known pitchers like Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Mark Prior He also put together the revolutionary research behind the NPA's Velocity Study from 2005-2006 that found 80% of a pitchers velocity comes from his ability separate his hips from shoulders at front foot strike.

In the articles below you will learn more about Tom House's influence in baseball in these pitching articles. Tom House is not affiliated with this website. He is also not affiliated with the pitching velocity program here called the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

Make a Wish Pitcher Reaches His Goal of 90+mph

David Thompson Pitcher

Sometimes things happen for a reason.

I remember this average looking pitcher walking into my camp about 6 weeks ago and watching him throw a short pen as we recorded his velocity. I will never forget seeing that first pitch. It wasn’t that impressive but what I saw was something special. What this pitcher had was the capability to scale his ability to an elite level.

Most pitchers who come into the 3X Velocity Camp have a ton of work to do to develop some of the key components of the high velocity pitcher before they can scale this up to an elite level. David had already the foundation but not the understanding of how to scale it up. [Read more…]

Does ArmourBite™ Increase Pitching Velocity?

ArmourBiteArmourBite is here! So Tom House has retired from USC as the pitching coach and he is now with the Rod Dedeaux Research for Baseball Institute. I believe this is good news for the pitching world because he will spend more of his time on research than coaching, which I feel this is what he is best at.

Now that he is back, Tom House is claiming that he did some research on the new ArmourBite™ and he found that it will add 1-2 mph to your fastball when using the plastic mouth piece. This is the info coming from the home page of his National Pitching Association website.

National Pitching Association ArmourBite Claim

New Mouthpiece Improves Pitching Velocity!

Yep you read that right. Our research team at RDRBI lead by Tom House did some testing with the ArmourBite® to see if it could improve velocity. It works! [Read more…]

What is Momentum Pitching?

Momentum PitchingThe online world of pitching experts have been throwing around the buzz word “Momentum pitching” recently. This isn’t anything new unless you are up to date on the breakthroughs of pitching science. Pitchers have been trying to find better ways to generate more momentum in their deliveries for years but what is changing is the science behind this matter.

During the prime of the likes of Nolan Ryan, the popular way of generating more momentum back then was the “Stand Tall and Fall” style developed by Nolan Ryan and his pitching coach Tom House, who may have coined the term. This proceeded the popular style of “Drop and Drive” used by the great Tom Seaver. These two styles of pitching are still used today. What is changing is pitching mechanics are evolving from an art form into the world of science. [Read more…]

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