30 Days Top Prospect – Part 3

Part 3: Performance Enhancement Training

How to develop a Top Prospect Player Profile in 30 Days


To become the Top Prospect you need to incorporates Olympic lifts, specifically the clean and jerk variations, which have been carefully selected for their effectiveness. It is crucial to follow a periodized training program tailored to individual abilities, ensuring optimal progress and performance. 

Starting the training at a young age allows for the development of essential motor coordination and technical skills, laying a strong foundation for future growth and success. Additionally, it is worth noting that Olympic lifting, as utilized in this program, is considered a safe practice with a relatively low risk of injury compared to the demands of baseball itself. 

All Top Velocity programs include the innovative Olympic Lifting Fusion System, a collection of drills and technical training methods that have been proven to yield positive results. For individuals seeking personalized guidance and support, the program also provides access to experienced coaches and specialized camps within the 2x velocity program. 

To summarize, the important points of the video series are as follows: 

  • an Olympic-style performance enhancement program specifically designed for baseball. 
  • The program places significant emphasis on maximizing power and improving dynamic athletic performance. 
  • A specific periodized training program is implemented, taking into account individual abilities. 
  • Starting at a young age allows for the acquisition of essential motor coordination and technical skills. 
  • Olympic lifting, a safe practice with lower injury risks, is an integral part of the program. 
  • The program offered by topvelocity.net includes the Olympic Fusion System, drills, and technical training. 
  • Personalized coaching and camps are available for those interested in the 2x velocity program. 
  • The clean pull exercise is briefly explained, highlighting the importance of proper posture and technique. 

How is Everything Working for You?

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Coach Brent Pourciau
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach