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Pitching Instructor Houston, TexasHouston 3X Coach Name: Coach Marty Waters
Houston Business Phone: 281-67-(STARZ) 281-677-8279
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It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

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Houston Texas Pitching AcademyExperience:  35 Years
Instruction:  Pitching, Hitting, and All Positions Fielding
My coaching career includes baseball and fast pitch softball.
Over the years, I have coached with some ex-pro players, college players, and high school coaches. I have coached youth players of all ages on up to the college level.
I personally played baseball, football, basketball, and ran track.  I graduated from Cy-Fair High School and attended Blinn College and the University of Houston downtown.
The longer one coaches Baseball, the more apparent it becomes that pitching determines the success of your team.  Since I have done some pitching myself, I thought that I had enough knowledge to teach younger pitchers.  As I moved up in the coaching ranks, with the kids getting bigger, stronger and competition getting better, I realized that I needed to learn more about the art of pitching to keep up.
I started doing research on everything I could find at the time including Johnny Sain (Whitey Ford’s pitching coach, who also taught Leo Mazzone a lot about pitching).  I also looked at Brag Stockton, a local icon in the sport at the JUCO and division 1 level. Additionally, I studied John Stewart, who was one of the first instructors to come out with illustrations on pitching. As the years have gone by, I have studied the works of Tom House, Leo Mazzone, Dick Mills and Jeff Montgomery, just to name a few.
I am always looking to learn more about teaching the game. I found the top velocity website one day back in 2011.  Being intrigued about the program, I decided to order it and received the program in September in 2011.  After receiving and studying the program, I knew it was special.  On Thanksgiving weekend of 2011, I took my grandson to Brent Pourciau’s 3X pitching camp.?The camp was unlike anything I had ever seen. I have been to many player/coaches camps and clinics over the years. However, after seeing the camp in person, I knew that Brent had come up with the ultimate pitching program.  After having studied the game for so many years, I don’t get excited much anymore, but going home from that camp I was thrilled by the possibilities.
Along with the 3X-pitching program, I have a lot of success with teaching the art of hitting and also teaching all fielding positions. My background in hitting started when I was a kid and had the privilege to have an Uncle who played major league baseball, and who had managed at the AAA level.  My Uncle was inducted into the triple hall of fame for the players of the WWII era.  Frank was considered one of the greatest right-handed hitters of his time. Being a student of the game he told me stories of the great players he had seen such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, just to name a few.  Frank would show me stances, swings, and some of the secrets of the greats of the game.
As I got more serious about coaching baseball, I started looking at some of the hitting philosophy’s of that time, I studied the Art of Hitting by Ted Williams, Charlie Lau’s Absolutes of Hitting, Brad Stockton, Dave Hudgens, Mike Ebstein, Cal Ripken, Kevin Seitzer, John Maullee, Tony Guinn, Rudy Jaramillo, Jack Maloof, Joe Brockoff, Rod Delmonico, Dr. Chris Yeager, and others.
The one thing that I do in teaching hitting is to teach what is best for the individual. I teach spin hitting, hitting light, and push back methods of hitting. I work core training, building bat speed, using overload amongst training methods.  I also teach the mental part of hitting.
Along with the pitching and hitting I also teach all positions of fielding.  I teach the fundamentals, basics, and techniques of D1 and the major league level.
Here at the Baseball Starz Academy we pride ourselves at preparing our students for the next level and beyond. At core of our philosophy is utilizing video analysis for pitching and hitting to track our students progress.

3X Coach Extended Territory

  • Cypress, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Fairfield, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Cy-Fair, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Cypress Fairbanks, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Katy, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Tomball, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • The Woodlands, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Spring, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Magnolia, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Sugarland, Texas 3X Pitching Instruction

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