MLB Promotes Olympic Lifting for All Baseball Players

MLB Orioles Olympic LiftingPost surgery doctors told me I would never pitch again because of the serious damage to my rotator cuff from throwing a baseball. I never trained with weights for baseball before the surgery. After the surgery I decided to ignore the conventional wisdom of the game which was telling me weight training would reduce performance and cause injury. Well that had already happened and it wasn’t weight training that caused it.

From then on out I chose to lift with heavy loads using the Olympic Lifts because I met Kurt Hester and he showed me what he did with LSU in the 90’s. I thought I had nothing to loss because everyone in baseball had written me off.

The hardest I ever threw before surgery at 18 years old was mid 80’s, if that. Five years after surgery and five years of serious Olympic Lifting, I was topping out at 94mph. I had also gained 65 lbs in the process. It was proof that Olympic Lifting is the legal performance enhancer for any athlete, even pitchers and that the conventional wisdom was completely wrong. [Read more…]

Jump Farther Throw Harder

Tim-Lincecum-jump.jpg The conventional response to the statement, Jump Farther , Throw Harder, would be that just because you can jump high, doesn’t mean you can throw hard. The conventional pitching coach might say, if this is true then why couldn’t Michael Jordan throw 95 mph when he played baseball? The conventional response would be the same if I said Lift Heavier, Throw harder or Run Faster, Throw Harder. The conventional pitching coach would say if this was the case, then why can’t Olympic lifters, body builders, Olympic sprinters throw hard? The answer to this is motor coordination. [Read more…]

MLB Tryouts 101

tryoutsEvery ball player wants a chance to be evaluated as a potential Major League Baseball player. It is a chance to chase a dream and the opportunity to put yourself out there hoping for the best.

The problem is the odds of becoming a Major League Baseball player is 1 out of 290,000. That is like winning the lottery. I am the last guy who wants to shoot down someones dream, especially someones dream to play Major League Baseball, because I had the same dream. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the MLB but some of my friends did and I at least had the opportunity to play professional minor league baseball. This means I beat the odds of playing professional baseball which is 1 out of 3,700. Not as impressive as the MLB but still an amazing experience that changed my life forever. [Read more…]

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