The *ONLY* Way to Improve Pitching Velocity *Seriously**Warning: Read slowly and at your own risk!*
I painstakingly put this article together to help you save a ton of time searching for ways to improve pitching velocity and to also entertain you in the process. Do you know how many people waste thousands of hours searching for the answer to pitching velocity online but never actually find it? Enough to make Google really wealthy!
Who needs 100’s of ways to increase pitching velocity when it only takes ONE. Most of the ways and gimmicks out there just distract you from understanding the *ONLY* way to improve pitching velocity. If you would *ONLY* focus and train this one way then you may just have the chance of becoming a high velocity pitcher.
It is something that is a complete game changer. It is something that you always knew was the answer, but never was man enough to accept it. Yes, when I give you this answer to improving pitching velocity you are not going to like it. It may even piss you off to the point that you stop reading this article and go back to your comfort zone of running poles and long tossing. I actually hope it does have this effect on you because the truth is everyone can be a high velocity pitcher but only a small few are willing to accept reality and make it happen.
I know this all sounds hypey and ridiculous, especially because I am still leading you on here and not giving you the answer, but if I continued to lead you down this road of pure satisfaction on my part and pure frustration on your part, then you would eventually find the answer you where looking for without me even giving it to you in the end. Yes, I truly believe that you know what it takes to improve your pitching velocity, you just want to prove to yourself, your dad or your coach or maybe even your girlfriend that you found another way and it is your way, but this is another story, right! Your way more than likely isn’t going to happen because you don’t have enough time in your career to make it happen. What it comes down to is we are dealing with science here, so just like in school, accept it and move on. 1 + 1 = 2 today, tomorrow and 100 years from now, unless the politicians turn us all into ignoramuses.
OK, that was a lot of nonsense! The point is don’t reinvent the wheel, just ask for help from those mature, older wheel makers like me, who are willing to help you build your wheels so you can spend your career spinning them instead of building them. Anyways, you should be honored because I do build some pretty awesome wheels!

The Answer to Improve Pitching Speed, I mean Velocity

OK, enough torture from me but WOW, that was a lot of fun! Here is the answer we have all been waiting for, drum role please! DRUMMMMMMMMMMMMM —— SPEED!
What? Yes, I said SPEED! SPEED is the *ONLY* Way to Improve Pitching Velocity!
I told you, you would be pissed!
OK, let’s get serious for a second. Here is some information that is more powerful than this simple answer. VELOCITY is SPEED and SPEED is VELOCITY. Seriously, look it up!
I am sure you are asking, how is this the answer to improving pitching velocity? It is really more about the perspective than the answer. Here is more information to help you with this perspective. If you speed up your body movements then it applies more force to the ball, which generates more velocity. I told you this is all about science. That is the high velocity pitcher in the smallest nut shell you could find. I mean like Dustin Pedroia small. That means small but bad ass!
OK, I know! How do you speed up the body and then how do we get this speed into the ball? This is when it can get complicated, but I will keep it simple so you can continue to grasp this perspective that is going to improve your pitching velocity almost overnight. Yes, it doesn’t take an insane black beard to throw gas!
To ultimately understand how to speed up the body we need to understand how speed is generated in the body. This is me, the old wheel maker, helping you make your wheel. Your welcome!

The Seed of Pitching Speed

Aroldis Chapman Pitching SpeedSpeed is initially generated the same in all athletes, in all sports, which is through the ground. There is no other way to do it! Don’t get pissed at me, I am the messenger, I didn’t create this world.
Science calls this ground reaction forces. Newton was the scientist to first define this interaction in his laws of motion. If you were sleeping in your science class you may have remembered that one. Don’t worry, I fell asleep also!
Once this speed or energy is generated by the athletes interaction with the ground, then the athlete has something to work with. Sprinters use this energy to continue the process of moving forward. Fighters use this energy to manipulate their opponent and Pitchers uses this energy to apply force to the ball. The more ground reaction forces these athletes can generate, the more energy they have to work with. This also means the better more explosive athlete can generate more ground reaction forces and therefore generate more speed.
Like I said before, you already knew this stuff, but you just haven’t accepted it. This is why you rarely ever work to enhance ground reaction forces.
I am being harsh, I know. I hate to make excuses, especially for other people, but there is a good excuse here why you have neglected this key factor to improve pitching velocity in your own training. The excuse is you don’t know how this speed, produced through ground reaction forces, gets into the ball. Don’t worry, I didn’t understand this either until I stop listening to ignorant egocentric coaching and searched for the answers and yes, Google made a lot of money off of me but I got it back!
Hold on! Don’t leave. I am not done with your new wheels yet!

The Holy Grail of Pitching Velocity

Finally the heavens have opened and your prayers are being answered. You will be throwing straight gas in no time! MLB contract in the mail my friend!
OK, not exactly what is about to happen, but you will look back to this moment when you learned about the Holy Grail to pitching velocity and you may remember it with some light and angels singing, but that is because you have a big imagination and you really need to get out and stop spending Friday nights searching Google.
Back to life, back to reality! If you are old enough and your subconscious just sang that line then this article just got really cheesy. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you are not old enough, move on.
Anyways, the holy grail of pitching velocity! Just so you don’t think I am a total tool bag and talking out of my butt here I have a reference to a key document holding the evidence that proves that speed or ground reaction forces correlate highly with pitching velocity. This document comes from the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine and was submitted by Rod Whiteley at the University of Sydney, Australia. I love Australia, never been, but it just sounds cool! It is called, Baseball throwing mechanics as they relate to pathology and performance – A review. It references a case study from the 90’s that proved this correlation existed. Here is a summary from the study:

MacWilliams et al. (1998) investigated the ground reaction forces during pitching for one high school and six collegiate pitchers. This group placed a force platform immediately in front of the pitching rubber (underneath the stance leg of the pitcher) and another at the site of stride foot landing. This enabled them to record the magnitude and directions of the ‘push off’ and ‘landing’ forces during pitching. They also measured wrist linear velocity (a good correlate of ball speed). They found that ground reaction force directed toward the plate was highly correlated with throwing speed (r² = 0.82) indicating that those who pushed hardest toward the plate (from their stance leg) and therefore were also able to decelerate most strongly with their landing leg also displayed the highest linear wrist velocities.
Read the entire document here:

WOW, this dude is for real, YO! OK, you didn’t just say that, but I am sure you felt something like that after you just read this killa case study. Put this evidence in your pitching coaches locker and watch him squirm.
I just want to know how does the conventional pitching coach/instructor process this information? Does it cause some post traumatic stress disorder or do they come out of the coma into the new world of killa baseball science with some swagger? Who knows! Who cares!
OK, enough gloating on my end. Here comes the link!
What connects stride speed to pitching velocity you ask impatiently! All right hold your horses chief!
The answer is called, SEPARATION! SEP-A-WHAT? Ration, Separation.
Now it is time to put the spokes in the wheel so you can take off and get the hell out of here.
Separation or more specific to the high velocity pitcher, hip to shoulder separation is defining the moment of front foot strike. This is when your lift leg lands. The National Pitching Association (NPA) in 2005-2006 proved in their Velocity Study that:

“The results from our study indicate that just about 80% of a pitcher’s real velocity comes from the torque of hip and shoulder
Read entire case study here:…..UV_NPA.pdf

Tim Lincecum SeparationDid they say 80%? But I thought Yogi Berra said, “90% of the game is half mental.” I am confused!
Forget the 80%. The NPA also determined through hundreds of 3D motion capture analysis of MLB pitchers that the average hip to shoulder separation of a Major League Pitcher is 40-60 degrees. I am not talking temperature here. I am talking the difference between the vector of the left to right hip to the vector of the left to right shoulder.
What this all means is simply, torque. Torque is the presence of elasticity. This means in science that we have a force multiplier happening. So, put it all together. The pitcher builds ground reaction forces and then uses these forces to generate torque with hip to shoulder separation. This then multiples the force into the shoulders, the arm and then finally the ball. High velocity pitcher’s are especially talented at building elite ground reaction forces and multiplying these forces into elite levels as it converts into the velocity of the ball.
BAM! You got your brand new wheels to take off with. Just take care of them because you only get one pair.
OK, I have left you hanging a bit when it comes to the logistics of driving these new wheels. Let’s finalize what you have learned here in the *ONLY* Way to Improve Pitching Velocity *Seriously* and then I want you to sign up for the 3 part series of 30 Days to 5MPH, so you can learn the bread and butter of this operation and all of the details to become a high velocity pitcher. Just click the ad at the top right of the page with the video of me sitting on a bucket. Oh yeah, and eat a banana. See you on the other side! Don’t worry, it is FREE!
Why the banana? I just thought you might be hungry by now. Hey, what can I say, I am just looking out for you my friend!