3X Certification

If you are a coach or even a player who would like to become 3X Pitching Certified then please follow the requirements below. This is a great opportunity for you to gain more exposure as a pitching coach or instructor and also at the same time learn a cutting edge approach to pitching. Here is a full list of benefits for becoming 3X Certified.

3X Certification Benefits

  1. Learn a revolutionary approach to increasing pitching velocity.
  2. Stay up to date on the latest science and biomechanics in pitching.
  3. Gain massive amounts of exposure through TopVelocity.net with your Listing.
  4. Gain the respect with your clientele as a 3X Certified Pitching Coach.
  5. 24-7 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) included to generates daily leads.

3X Certification Requirements

  1. It is not required currently but it is highly recommended that you first get a strength and conditioning certification.
  2. Purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Online Course.
  3. Take the 3X Certification Exam and pass with a 80% or better.
  4. Send in the required information for your 3X Coaches Page.
  5. Renew your membership annually

3X Velocity Camp Registration

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3X Coaches Page

You will need to submit your Name, Coaching Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, Social Networks, 600 word minimum BIO, Photo in the form below and areas you would like to be listed in (example: Houston, Cypress, Sugarland). Once you meet all of the 3X Certification Requirements your 3X Coaches Page will be developed, optimized and then submitted to all search engines for top ranking. You 3X Coaches Page will be optimized using your location following the phrase "Pitching Instruction."
Here is a 3X Coaches page for reference:
Pitching Instruction Houston, Texas
Here is an example of your listing.
3X Coaches Page

Once you are 3X Certified you will also be sent a document of 3X Certification to place in your office or facility.

3X Certification Renewal

You must renew annually to keep your 3X Coaches Page and your 3X Certification. This will require you take the 3X Certification Renewal Exam and pay the renewal fee. The annual renewal fee is currently $500 and may change in coming years.
Once you submit the form below you will receive further steps to complete the 3X Certification. If you have any questions please contact us first.

3X Certification Submission