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The top pitching instruction in Queensland, Australia. The home of Triple Extension (3X) Pitching in Queensland, Australia.
Queensland, Australia Pitching Instruction

Queensland, Australia Pitching InstructorQueensland, Australia 3X Coach Name: Coach Michael Stevens
Queensland, Australia Business Phone: +61 0435560887
Queensland, Australia 3X Coach Email: info(a)srvbaseballaust.net
Brisbane Twitter: @baseball_srv


Queensland, Australia - 3X Coaches BIO:

Player, Coach, Administrator for over 37 years

Played & Coached D1-D5 Club ball in Australia

Junior Coaching for 7 years, each age group from T-Ball to U13, U15, U17, U20.

I am highly interested in innovation and the development of player-athletes in Baseball, I believe we should challenge traditional methods and thinking around training and game plans where the results don’t meet expectations and look for new and innovative methods supported through science more-so than feel.

I have undertaken fairly extensive self-development in terms of my knowledge of the latest trends and technology in Baseball. I have researched several methodologies across Pitching and Hitting predominantly.  The development of coaches, as well as players, is an area of particular focus for me, - understanding new Technology and Player Development methodologies, and how to effectively combine the two to improve the quality of player and coach as Baseball practitioners.

I am passionate about providing affordable development opportunities for all player-athletes, not just a select few and growing the participation rate of Baseball in Australia.

Founder of SRV Baseball Australia, a not for profit organization that offers:

  • Player-Athlete development
  • Coach development
  • Assistance in recruitment practices of new players to baseball
  • Provision of Baseball ‘experiences’ such as: Girls tour to Canada, Junior Tournaments, Baseball Camps
  • SRV Baseball Academy.
  • Support for Administrative functions for clubs, including:
    • Development of Strategic Plan, covering on-field and off-field components
    • Asset Management
    • Financial Management

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