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The top pitching instruction in Houston, Texas just 30 minutes outside of downtown Houston. The home of Triple Extension (3X) Pitching in Houston, Texas.
Houston, Texas Pitching Instruction

Houston Pitching InstructorHouston 3X Coach Name: Coach Brian
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It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Houston, Texas – 3X Coaches BIO:

Houston Texas Pitching AcademyHe is a native Houstonian who attended Jersey Village High School and then the University of Houston earning a duel bachelors degree in business accounting and entrepreneurship.
He played various sports growing up including baseball, football and basketball. He found his true passion when he started coaching baseball 12 years ago. He has coached youth baseball players from T-ball age to the High School varsity level.
In 2011, he finished construction of an indoor climate controlled private lesson facility in Cypress, Texas called Baseball Starz. The facility is about 30 minutes from Houston. The mission of Baseball Starz is to facilitate baseball training using scientifically reinforced principles that teach players the absolutes of hitting, pitching, catching, fielding and the situational aspects of the game using the best technology and training methods available, strictly adhering to a philosophy of using only positive psychological reinforcement.
His philosophy on coaching baseball is simple; find the best, most effective coaches in the country and use their programs. The programs he uses for  hitting, pitching, catching and fielding instruction must meet 3 criteria. They must be scientifically viable, systematic, and get results.
He found out about the 3x pitching program and attended a camp in summer 2012. After studying the program, seeing the drills demonstrated in person, and doing the program himself, he became convinced that the 3X programs is the ultimate path to success for pitchers. In fact, he believes it is the best, most effective and complete program he has ever found for any aspect of baseball.
He conducts an after school camp 5 days a week. This camp is the 16 week 3x Velocity Program in it’s entirety. He offers the 3X program in conjunction with our private lesson packages.
Please click on the link below to his website to retrieve a promotional offer for a FREE one hour lesson including a FREE video analysis of your pitching motion next to an MLB pitcher.

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3X Coaches Analysis

Coach Brain has been working with the 3X programs for some time now and has attended several 3X Velocity Camps. He is a good representation of 3X Pitching. He has worked with some high school and youth level pitchers through the 3X programs and has had some great success. He also has developed a seamless evaluation technique using the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide. I would highly recommend him to any little league, high school or college pitcher who is looking to learn an elite approach to pitching and increase pitching velocity.

Triple Extension Pitching Houston, Texas

Triple Extension Pitching or better known as 3X Pitching was developed at TopVelocity.net. Due to the popularity of this effective approach to increase pitching velocity many other coaches now use the name in practice. Be careful learning this approach from other coaches who do not have the 3X Pitching Certification. Those who have been 3X Certified have worked personally with Brent Pourciau the developer of Triple Extension (3X) Pitching and have access to all of the 3X Pitching research which ultimately defines the approach and how to train the pitcher to benefit from it. For more information on Triple Extension (3X) Pitching follow this website or visit Coach Brian a 3X Certified Coach.

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For more information on 3X Pitching Instruction in Houston, Texas please contact TopVelocity.net.