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Coach Gus Kaplanges
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Annapolis, Maryland – 3X Coaches BIO:

At a young age Gus Kaplanges was on the fast track as a catcher under the watchful eyes of Orioles Scout Walter Youse but young Gus took a ride on a dirt bike in between games during a double header that proved to be a determining factor for Gus to become a coach. He wrecked on that ride and blew out his ACL and PCL. The year was 1974 and back then they had no idea how to fix that injury. Although young Gus kept trying to come back from this life long injury, he just never was the same. He had a coach, Ray Yannuzzi Sr. Young Ray was assigned as a little brother to George Herman Ruth, while growing at the Orphanage, Saint Mary’s Industrial School for Boys. Coach Yannuzzi impressed upon Gus in 1968 how important it is to pass the game down to the younger players behind us. Coach Yannuzzi kept telling young Gus that he had a knack for coaching. Coach Yannuzzi always encouraged young Gus, along with other coaches like Cal Ripken Sr, George Henderson, and Ken Kincer who gave Gus his first Head Coaching job. After blowing out his knee at a young age those mentors would often say “Gussie you are great a giving the game away. Keep Coaching.” Coaching is his calling.
Gus Kaplanges has been coaching Baseball players for over 40 years now. He has been a Ground Up Skills (GUS) training practitioner and instructor ever since his roots in Boxing influenced his mindset to search for “Why” and “How” energy production is directly related to the sequence of the explosive strength in quick-twitch movements needed for the “knock out” punch. His education as a Chemist enabled him to ask himself the deeper, thought-provoking, questions pertaining to the catalysts and in understanding the Kinetic Chain principles. When he and Brent Pourciau met each other years ago, it was obvious they were immediately on the same page for finding the “knockout punch” in baseball. Gus attributes the current revolution in baseball instruction of ground forces and the kinesiology of the kinetic chain in baseball movements to Brent Pourcieau’s 3X Programs along with Rich Dunno’s King of the Hill ground force development device which you will find yourself training on within the 3X System.
As an instructor “Coach Gus”, as he is affectionately known to his pupils and clients, will immediately make an impression on you with his undeniable passion. Coach Gus has a way of getting his students to “strive for excellence and compete at their maximum ability” whether it be on the field, in the classroom or in life. Many of his former athletes have grown up to become leaders in their industries, businesses, and communities. In other words Coach Gus is more than a baseball coach he is, in fact, a life coach, mentor, and an elite motivator.
His experience in the corporate world directly correlates to his being such a dynamic and effective instructor, coach, advisor and mentor to today’s young players. Mr Kaplanges was often called on as a “problem solver” by the largest corporations in the world, namely GM, Ford, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric and Westinghouse among many others. Whether he was addressing the Board of Directors or the 3rd Shift Maintenance Crews, his presentation was and still is always received with rave reviews. Retired from the corporate world now, Coach Gus spends his time passing on baseball to our youngsters.
If you are in Maryland and need a 3X Pitching Coach, then you need to get on Coach Gus’ schedule. He will motivate and guide you through the forest, that is, your baseball journey. His proficiency in teaching the Ground Up Skills to Build Undeniable Strength is why his students have always been successful. He teaches the PHD of Baseball which complements the 3X Pitching Programs so well. It takes PRIDE, HEART and DETERMINATION to master the 3X Pitching Programs and Coach Gus in cooperation with Brent Pourciau, is your answer. GUSBUSPHD can be found at operating out of various locations in MD. He has guided hundreds of players into college and pro baseball over his many years advising players and parents all these years. Need a College Recruiting Advisor? Call Coach Gus.
If you’ve been to the TopVelocity Camps in Louisiana with Brent Pourciau, then you already know how much Coach Gus can motivate the “Grinders” as he likes to call those in the 3X system. Gus Kaplanges communicates daily with Brent Pourciau, which allows TopVelocity Maryland students to have a genuine pipeline of “caring” coaches to guide you to become the best you can be. The 3X System is “hard work” and Coach Gus knows how to get his guys through it! Get on the GusBus with 3X Pitching in Maryland.
From the Sandlots of the 1960’s in Azusa California to the ball Fields in Baltimore Maryland, Coach Gus is now training players through his many years of experience teaching, coaching, advising and playing the game.

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