Minneapolis, Minnesota Pitching Instruction

The top pitching instruction in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The home of Triple Extension (3X) Pitching in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Minneapolis, Minnesota Pitching Instruction

pitching instruction Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolis 3X Coach Name: Coach Kevin Votaw
Minneapolis Cell Phone: 763-567-1115
Minneapolis Website: http://www.sportssync.net
Minneapolis 3X Coach Email: thesportssync(a)gmail.com
It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – 3X Coaches BIO:

I am a native of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, a northern suburb of the Twin Cities, but I graduated from Hinckley-Finlayson High School, an hour north of Minneapolis, before attending college briefly at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul before transferring to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where I earned my degree in English Education.
I discovered 3X Pitching while in high school when Brent was first starting out and by simply implementing triple extension my velocity jumped from the low 80s (80-82) to the high 80s (85-89) almost instantly. But, like Brent, I suffered a devastating injury, tearing the labrum in my right hip and eventually last summer, the left as well. Due to these injuries, I’ve gone from pitching to coaching and teaching full-time. Once I learned my playing days were more than likely over, I devoured the 3X approach, attended a 3X camp, and jumped at the chance to become a 3X Coach, because it is the most effective, most detailed, and the most results-driven velocity program for pitchers out there.
On top of Brent’s scientific, research-back program, I sought to make something of my own on the art of pitching and teaching. I found that the pitching motion, repeated over and over again during warm ups and a game, could be taught using music by matching one’s pitching mechanics to the beat of music, called “synchronization.” The culmination of this is the Rhythm Pitching Program I developed at my website http://www.sportssync.net/. There, on top of rhythm training, I focus on the psychological aspects of pitching: creating routines and controlling what can be controlled for optimum pitching performance. Combined with Brent’s mechanical and training systems, we have everything on the pitching spectrum covered. Trust me, I’ve looked.
I train pitchers on a private basis for either the 3X Velocity Program or the Rhythm Pitching Program in the Twin Cities or central Minnesota.

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