Kansas City, Missouri Pitching Instruction

The top pitching instruction in Kansas City, Missouri. The home of Triple Extension (3X) Pitching in Kansas City, Missouri.
Kansas City, Missouri Pitching Instruction

pitching instruction Kansas City, MissouriMissouri 3X Coach Name: Coach Hector Abel Garcia
Missouri Cell Phone: 312-607-8721
Missouri 3X Coach Email: hgarcia3205(a)gmail.com
Certification: USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1
It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Kansas City, Missouri - 3X Coaches BIO:

Hector was born in New York, but raised in The Dominican Republic — where his love of baseball began. It was in the sunny city of Santo Domingo that Hector learned to play first base, outfield, and pitcher. As a minor, he trained with pitching coach, Leo Hernandez of the Chicago Cubs and the Tampa Bay Rays, both Dominican Republic farm system teams. But during his senior year of high school, Hector’s family abruptly relocated to The United States to find solace from the devastation they suffered at the hands of Hurricane Andrew. Although he was planted in a new place, and did not speak the dominant language, Hector was hardworking, open-minded and eager to learn. He promptly attended a school that recognized his high-caliber athletic abilities, and began to flourish.
Hector attended Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee (now The University of Memphis Lambuth), where he excelled in the position of closer. Throughout his four-year college career, the Lambuth Eagles were nationally ranked in the top 25 of the NAIA Conference.
After college, Hector pursued a career in business, but continued to train and play baseball in amateur leagues.
Hector was trained with conventional wisdom and traditional methods. When it comes to sports leadership, he also incorporates the scientific training techniques he learned from his study at Top Velocity.
Hector’s goal is to train youth and young adults. He sets out to provide the opportunity to become a stronger, faster athlete while maintaining top physical condition. Hector’s coaching style is affirming yet challenging. He is supportive, but holds his students accountable. He takes the time to connect with trainees and lead by example; he even works out right along with his students.
Baseball has been with Hector through good times and bad. It’s traveled with him across the world. He understands the beauty of the game, and is passionate about sharing it with others.
Hector holds a certification in pitching from Top Velocity in the states of Kansas and Missouri. He is located in the Kansas City metro area.

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