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Wildwood, New Jersey Pitching Instruction

New Jersey Pitching InstructorWildwood 3X Coach Name:
Coach Sam Simpkins
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Wildwood Email Address: ssimpkins123(a)comcast.net

It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Wildwood, New Jersey- 3X Coaches BIO:

Sam is a native of Wildwood, New Jersey who attended Wildwood High School and then Rider University earning a bachelors degree in accounting.  After being an auditor for the federal government for a few years he decided to make a switch to law enforcement.  For the past 17 years, he has been a criminal investigator for a few different agencies in the federal government, currently working for the U.S. Postal Service.
Sam has been playing baseball and pitching ever since he was 9 years old.  In High School, he made the All County, All Star Team as a pitcher and currently holds a South Jersey High School record for averaging 2 strikeouts per inning in his senior year.

Although a few scholastic great chuckers in history have challenged Dale's amazing average, only one, Sam Simpkins of Wildwood High has joined him in the 2 strikeouts per inning club. Right-hander Simpkins recorded his 2.0 strikeout average in 1988 on his way to the All County All Star squad.
Source - http://www.sjsports.com/baseball/cschick/all_time_strikeout_pitchers.html

After college Sam took some time off from pitching until 2001 when he started pitching competitively again for an over 30 Team in Cape May.  Since then he has pitched regularly for several South Jersey MSBL and NJIBL Teams.  He has been selected to pitch in the League’s All Star Games on numerous occasions.  Most recently, was last year, at 41 years old, when he played with many much younger players in an over 25 league, and was selected to pitch in the All Star Game at the Wilmington Blue Rocks Stadium.
Sam is a consummate student of the game, constantly studying and researching pitching to hone his own mechanics in an attempt to become an even more complete pitcher.  He first learned about 3X Pitching online, while conducting research on an issue he is still trying to master himself – Hip/Shoulder Separation.  Sam has learned a tremendous amount about pitching over his career and is still always learning.  It is with 3X Pitching and a need for learning that has made Sam want to make the switch from doing, to teaching.
At the 3X Pitching Camp, Sam learned a tremendous amount about 3X Pitching and its effect on increasing Hip/Shoulder Separation and ultimately pitching velocity.  Sam understands how important leg and core strength are to a pitcher and will certainly be asking his serious students to undertake a pitching specific strength and conditioning program like the Fusion System in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program as well.  Aside from learning all the proper 3X mechanics at the 3X Velocity Camp, Sam is also a seasoned pitcher himself, and can therefore teach all aspects of the game including: types of pitches, setting up hitters, pick off moves and the often overlooked mental aspect of pitching. To get started increase pitching velocity and learn how to compete at a top level in pitching contact 3X Coach Sam Simpkins in Wildwood, New Jersey TODAY!

3X Coach Locations:

  • Cape May /Atlantic County (Wildwood Area) – Indoor / Weekends Only
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Stone Harbor, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Cape May, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Sea Isle City, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Ocean City, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Margate City, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Somers Point, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction
  • Lower, Middle and Upper Township, New Jersey 3X Pitching Instruction


  • Considering the Burlington County (Moorestown Area) – Outdoor / Home
  • Regulation pitching mound – Weekdays after work/school only