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The top pitching instruction in Oklahoma and Arkansas just 1 hour outside of Fayetteville, AR.

Stilwell Oklahoma Pitching InstructorStilwell 3X Coach Name: Coach Charles Risley
Stilwell Business Phone: 918-905-1974
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It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Stilwell, OK - 3X Coaches BIO:

Stilwell Baseball AcademyI am a native of east central Oklahoma. I attended Vian and graduated from Stilwell, Oklahoma. I also attended NSU and graduate of TWS in the piping and engineering trades. I have been working as a Piping Supt, in Alaska while studying and preparing myself for my next step in life with opening of RC Baseball Academy.
I played baseball since I was six years old and have always had a strong reverence for the game even at an early age, but like most young kids on this side of the state you learn to play other sports. I ran track and played high school football and became an all conference tight end my senior year. I played on limited travel teams back then until a untimely injury ruined my baseball aspirations.
I never gave up the love for the game. I believe, because of my injury, I became more affixed on helping others that is when I began following the new science and study of baseball bio mechanics. The more I began to study the so called masters the more I could see that same old message, but everyone expecting a different result with the same old tired theory. I am grateful for people in baseball such as Tom house and Brent Pourciau who have a like minded approach to scientific study, make no bones here at RC Baseball are main purpose is to get the right information to our players and parents, we only wish to get back to the basics of baseball but with the knowledge of today's video camera feedback, those old theory's of "Drop and Drive" and "Stand Tall and Fall" are gone. I believe its time to start matching the front side and bottom half to the arm slot and get back to simple, but advanced approaches that the youngest of our players can understand. RC Baseball is open five days a week, four to nine, Monday through Friday. RC Baseball relies entirely on the 3X Pitching Velocity Programs, it is one of the most thorough i have studied and i have considered many before choosing Brent's program. His one on one approach and attention to detail with scientific back up is key to a successful program.

3X Pitching Success

Oklahoma Baseball AcademyWe have two kids who have already gained five to six mile  per hour on the 3X Pitching Velocity Program in the last 4 weeks sense we opened RC Baseball Academy. One 13 year old who went from 74 to 80 in just two weeks. I have found that many of the drills can be used by my younger pitchers as well. I am truly excited about the 3X Programs. This weekend I had a camp that went from Thursday through Saturday and it was a great success. I introduced a lot of coaches to the 3X programs and it was a overwhelmingly thumbs up. The system sold its self, enough that I gained a couple of college kids too. Thanks Brent and by the way we had a total of 27 kids at the camp ranging from 8 to 19.

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