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Are you an ardent baseball fan who would like to develop younger talent into world-class athletes? Are you interested in becoming a part of a revolutionary movement that is transforming the coaching and playing of baseball? If yes, TopVelocity gladly welcomes you to take the next step and establish a TopVelocity franchise today in Oklahoma, joining our expanding family!

Why TopVelocity?

Founded by Brent Pourciau, TopVelocity is a tried-and-true system that blends science-backed techniques with Brent's own story of overcoming hardship. It's not just another baseball program. Brent, a former professional pitcher who survived a rotator cuff injury that should have ended his career, has direct experience with what it takes to bounce back and do great things in the game of baseball.

What Makes Us Unique?

1. Science-Backed Training: Our programs are among the most scientifically grounded in the business thanks to Brent Pourciau's kinesiology expertise and continued pursuit of a Ph.D. in sports science. To maximize performance and lower the chance of damage, we employ evidence and study rather than conjecture.

2. Premium Outcomes: Our programs have regularly produced outstanding outcomes, enabling athletes to both overcome setbacks and achieve new performance levels. We're talking about position players who are thriving in every facet of their game and pitchers who are hitting in the low to mid-90s.

3. Application for Franchise: Now, you have the opportunity to start your own TopVelocity franchise in Oklahoma and share in this amazing success story. This is a rare chance to make your love of baseball become a successful business.

Oklahoma, why?

Baseball talent abounds in Oklahoma, where young sportsmen are brimming with ambition to advance their game. You can take advantage of this abundant talent pool and make a big difference in the future of baseball in Oklahoma by establishing a TopVelocity franchise.

What We Provide to You:

1. Tried-and-true company Model: We supply you with a company model that has already been successful in a number of regions.

2. All-Inclusive Instruction: We'll provide you with comprehensive training on our programs, coaching techniques, and business administration to make sure you're equipped to guide your athletes to success.

3. Recognition of Brands: TopVelocity is rapidly establishing itself as a globally recognized brand that specializes in training and evidence-based practices. Come along on this thrilling adventure with us as we strive to improve baseball.

4. continuing Support: To maintain your franchise at the forefront of the sector, we'll be there for you at every turn, providing updates and continuing support.

Come Be a Part of the TopVelocity Team Now!

Opening a TopVelocity franchise in Oklahoma is your key to success if you're prepared to improve the lives of young players and turn your love of baseball into a successful business. Join the TopVelocity movement and contribute to the advancement of the company's technology, practices, and brand while assisting young players in realizing their aspirations.

Don't pass up this opportunity to lead the baseball coaching profession. Make an appointment with us right now to find out more about this fantastic franchise opportunity and to begin your journey to establishing TopVelocity as a household name in Oklahoma! We will all work together to mold baseball's future.
Join us in making TopVelocity the most renowned name in baseball training, where excellence meets innovation, and dreams become reality.
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