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Joesph Brascher Olympia baseball InstructorFt. Wayne 3X Coach Name:
Coach Joseph Brascher
Olympia Business Phone: 360-890-1737

It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

Olympia, Washington – 3X Coaches BIO:

Joseph Brascher was born in Olympia, Washington on January 16, 1998. Joseph always had a love and passion for baseball and was at best an average athlete. Up until high school Joseph’s command of breaking pitches made him successful at lower levels of play but as soon as he reached high school, he learned his fastball was not nearly good enough. Him and his dad began researching ways to increase pitching velocity and that is when he stumbled upon Brent Pouricau’s 3X pitching approach. This total body approach made a lot of sense to him and his dad and they began to dive into the program. In a few months, Joseph went from throwing mid 60’s to low 80’s and made the varsity baseball team later that spring. Joseph became obsessed with the 3X program, and watched every analysis on youtube, and studied biomechanics fiercely. Later that year, he went to a 3X velocity camp, where he developed an even better understanding of the 3X programs. Joseph had 2 more successful high school seasons, including winning all-league his senior year and being selected to play in the regional all-star game. During this time, Joseph worked to adapt the 3X programs to softball pitching. He worked with Brent to develop the 3X Softball program which is now for sale on Topvelocity.net. Joseph does not currently play for a college team, but is taking a year off to do the 3X programs, and study engineering at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington. Joseph uses his knowledge of the 3X pitching, and softball program to coach players from recreational softball pitchers to college baseball players.

3X Coach Extended Territory

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  • Lacey, Washington Baseball Instruction
  • Thurston County, Washington Baseball Instruction
  • Tenino, Washington Baseball Instruction

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