3X PITCH BioMetrics

This is the first ever database of in-game single pitch biomechanic measurements of professional pitchers. Below is a list of professional pitchers who have been put through the 3X Evaluation System. To view the individual profile select the players name for their 3X PITCH BioMetric Profile.
To learn the measurements that make-up a 3X PITCH BioMetric profile you will need the 3X Evaluation System v3 Manual. You can also setup your 3X PITCH BioMetrics Evaluation/Analysis today!

David Aardsma 3X PITCH BioMetricsDavid Aardsma2009na752056523421680127.597210003466
David Aardsma 3X PITCH BioMetricsDavid Aardsma2014na75195656207188793951870nana
David Aardsma 3X PITCH BioMetricsDavid Aardsma1.22.2015na752156533331971121.6865.89423869
David Aardsma 3X PITCH BioMetricsDavid Aardsma1.31.2015na7522065430616171321020942nana
Sonny Gray 3X PITCH BioMetricsSonny Gray2011na711956463421941148.510619754496
Matt Stites 3X PITCH BioMetrics 2014Matt Stites201495711956543072043118.510149224566
Enny Romero 3X PITCH BioMetrics 2014Enny Romero20149775210651381222614410299724077
Bob Wheatley 3X PITCH BioMetrics 2014Bob Wheatley2014na772206463691893132106810223875