Pitching Velocity Drills – Hold the Load

The purpose of this drill is to enforce the “Load” position. To perform this drill you need a step or box about a foot high or higher based on your leg strength. The higher the lift, the stronger your legs must be to “Hold the Load.” To learn more about the importance of the “Load” position read this article “Lift for Show, Load for Doe.”


Pic # 1

Start with your basic leg lift. A slight bend in your back knee and shift your weight more over your back leg.

Pic # 2

As you start your hips to the target, squat hard on your back leg. Hold this position as you lower your front leg to the ground with your hips moving towards the target.

Pic #3

The goal is to land in this position. This is a difficult drill so it will take time to be able to land the drill in the position in the picture. Notice that the back leg is turned over and the hip is pointing towards the target. Also notice that the front knee is not bending over the front toes. The upper body is in full “Separation.” Glove arm pointing towards target and throwing arm is relax with a pinch of the shoulder blade to hold it back.

* Do not allow yourself to fall into the final position. Control the stride and focus on holding the load position in picture 2. This is the only way you will be able to match the final position of the drill.
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  • Yes, I would recommend you checkout the 3X Pitching Velocity Program and send in your video for analysis.


  • Austin Loveless
    March 20, 2012 6:26 pm

    I am 12yrs old and I have a good fastball and a killer change up but I want to throw harder can u help

  • That's excellent, thank you. Surely you would have analysed Itchiro's throw (apologies if my spelling is wrong) – But that is one heck of a good throw!!

    thanks again.

  • My hips are almost completely open in the last pic and yes, if I had my landing leg more extended it would help open the hips completely. If you want to learn more about how the 3X mechanics benefit fielders then check out this article here.


  • Quick question, your hips in the the last picture are not completely open. i.e. if you were to extend your left knee, that would push your left leg back a bit. Thus side on you will only see the right hip, correct me if i'm wrong. I know I'm about the cricket but we do field (Outfield) as well so having a bullet arm would be V.useful to show the coaches!


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