3X Fastpitch Softball Velocity Program

3X Fastpitch Softball ProgramIt's HERE! The #1 Fastpitch Training Program Online!

Every day, pitchers are throwing harder and staying healthier than ever before. With The 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program, you have access to the best biomechanics and velocity training program in the world. With this elite level training program you’ll become more attractive at the top levels of the game of softball.

What’s On This Page

  • How to Add 5-10+mph in 16 Weeks
  • Why This Is The Best Velocity Program Online
  • Why This Offer Is Risk Free
  • What Is Included with Your Purchase

Pitching Velocity Program Softball 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program

Add 5-10+mph in 16 Week –Guaranteed - Here is How!

  • The program will teach you the pitching mechanics of high velocity pitchers discovered in case studies from medical journals. You will learn the revolutionary 2 Phase delivery along with the 6 components of 3X Pitching; The Load, The Launch, Triple Extension, Separation, 2X Stabilization and Pitch Release3X Fastpitch Sequence
  • The program will train you through a proprietary set of pitching drills scientifically designed to teach you the high velocity pitching mechanics. You will learn these 3X Drills; 3X Med Ball On Knee Throws, 3X Med Ball Full Stride Throws, 3X Target On Knee Throws, 3X Target Full Stride Throws, 3X Lateral Throws, 3X Drive Drills, 3X Load to Launch and 3X 2 Phase Delivery. 3X Fastpitch Drills
  • The program uses an Olympic Based strength and conditioning program that science states as the best form of training to maximize power and dynamic athletic performance. You will learn to master and extremely benefit from the Clean and Jerk along with many other velocity enhancing lifts and exercises.Softball Clean and Jerk Training
  • The program uses a cutting edge 3 Calendar training system to develop elite performance in all aspects of the high velocity pitcher. You will follow the calendars in the order listed here and each calendar covers 16 weeks of training.3x-calendar-system2
  • The program comes with 3X Goals that have been established to drive you to an elite level of training to guarantee your overall velocity goals. This approach is built on the fact that elite athletes make elite high velocity pitchers.
  • The program comes with a Nutritional Guide to help you supplement your training with critical good nutrition to help you maximize gains.

3X Fastpitch Velocity Program

Why This Is The Best Velocity Program Online?

There is an easy answer to this question, "because it isn't built on conventional wisdom but science." Science has changed this game more than a decade ago but due to the poor effort by coaches to educate themselves on the latest science it has not transferred to you. This is so unfortunate because this is what causes injury and under developed careers. Now, you have a program built from the latest science of what drives the high velocity athlete and Fastpitch fastball.
This information is so cutting edge, once you read this program you will have a higher level of knowledge of pitching than most all of your coaches. This will create a political challenge for you. I would advise you to keep this information to yourself because it will only challenge your coaches who are the ones giving you the opportunity to put this revolutionary information into action, so you can advance your career.

Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

  • What level or age is this training program for? This is for all ages who are serious about training to compete at a high level. If the program needs to be modified for your level please contact us and we will help you!
  • How many hours per day and days per week is the training program? 3-4 hours per day in your off-season training Monday - Friday. You will have shorter days and then longer days of the week.
  • How do I get immediate access to the program? Immediately following purchase you will have full access to download and save to all your mobile devices the entire program. This includes the manual and all the instructional videos.
  • Is everything in the program covered in the instructional videos? Yes all drills, lifts and exercises have an instructional video to teach you the technique of the training.
  • What if I lose my copy of the 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program? You can always contact us at TopVelocity.net with your order number and we will send you immediate access again.
  • What do I do if I do not know how to do something or I get stuck? You have all of our contact info in the program or at TopVelocity.net to contact us for help!

Here is Everything that is Included!


3X Fastpitch Velocity Program
3X Fastpitch Velocity Training Manual
This is a 33 page training manual with the 3 calendar system. This manual includes the 3X Velocity System, the Fusion System and the Anaerobic Conditioning Calendar. This book is a digital ebook in PDF format which can be viewed on all computers and mobile devices.


3X Fastpitch Instructional Videos3X Fastpitch Instructional Video Library
This library includes over 60+ instructional videos of all the pitching mechanics, pitching drills, exercises and lifts. You have unlimited access to this library. Each video can be downloaded and transferred to any computer or mobile device.


5 Phone Sessions Coach Brent Pourciau5 Phone Sessions with Coach Brent Pourciau
Yes, you can call me any month during your training for an hour if needed so I can personally coach you through the program. Most coaches tell me I am crazy to do this but it is true. I am here to work with you personally to help you reach your pitching velocity goals!


3X Fastpitch Video Analysis1 Pitching Video Analysis
I have charged up to $350 for one video pitching analysis. I will compare your mechanics to a top level softball pitcher who I feel is similar to your build and who will help you identify your mechanical issues.

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3X Softball Velocity Training Program

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