Pain in Triceps and Biceps when Pitching

Pain Triceps Biceps Pitching

So you have pain in triceps and or biceps when pitching and it has more than likely been hurting for a while. You are searching the web for answers because you need this pain to go away so you can get back to business. I get it! I was you in my career.

When I had this problem and I couldn’t find the answers to a quick fix of the problem, I just looked for ways to hide the pain. I was taking Advil almost everyday and I started to have to take tons more of it because the pain was getting worse. The pain first started in my elbow and then it moved up my bicep into my shoulder.

It got so bad that I had to take the maximum dose of pain killers, along with icy hot, and in between innings I had to hit my arm so I would feel the pain of the hit and not the pain coming from my throbbing arm. This was the day that my rotator cuff tore and my career completely stopped. I was shocked and depressed at this time in my life because I had let the pain get so bad, that it almost ended my career.

I Want to Help You Remove This Pain

I am writing this article here to help you because I wish someone would have helped me at that point in my pitching career when the pain first started. If you have pain in your lower, or upper bicep, or your lower or upper tricep and maybe even in the back or front of your upper forearm, you are overusing and abusing your arm. If you have anyone or all of these pains, then you need to stop and listen to your body.

Pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong. Pain does not just go away. It will only get worse, like it did in my career, if you do not make some changes immediately. Unfortunately, you should have not waited this long to make the changes but better late than never!

Why the Pain in My Arm?

Here is a list of possible reasons you have pain in your arm.

  1. Inflammation of soft tissue due to pattern overload of the joint. Here is a great article to learn about pattern overload and pitching.
  2. Bone spurs or bone to bone contact.
  3. Muscle or tendon damage.
  4. Putting excessive stress on the joint due to poor mechanics.

I believe that most arm pain is the sign of not just one thing but a few. It usually is the cause of poor mechanics, poor joint integrity (strength and conditioning) and overuse. Most pitchers who have this pain, all they need to do is address one of these issues and the pain will usually go away if there is not damage to the muscles, tendons or bone. Fixing all three of these issues, will not only remove the pain completely, but it will also increase performance. Most performance can be enhanced by more effectively distributing the stress of the movement throughout the body, instead of putting it all in the arm.

Steps to Pain Relief of the Pitching Arm

If you are serious about fixing your arm problems and you do not want to go down the road to destruction like I did, then follow these steps to relieving your arm of this abuse.

  1. Take a few weeks off from throwing if possible.
  2. Ice your arm to start the healing process. Read this article on how to ice your arm.
  3. Visit a medical professional who can examine your arm for serious muscle, tendon or bone damage.
  4. Start eating better. Eat more protein.
  5. Sign up for the 30 Day to 5 MPH 3 Part Series. I will give you some key tips on how you must change your pitching mechanics to redistribute the stress through your body without overloading the arm.

BONUS TIP: Learn about proper pitching pronation. This mechanical adjustment can have an immediate effect on arm pain. Read these articles to learn more, Proper Pronation Pitching and Research Proving Pronation Supports Pitching Velocity While Preventing Injury.

This will get you on the right track and will definitely save your career. If your pain sounds like the pain I had before I tore my rotator cuff then I suggest you contact me above and tell me about your pain. I will advise you if you need medical help! Best of luck!

Pitching Pain Free

I get this question almost everyday, “Will I Pitch Pain Free Again?” It really takes a good game plan to help get you back on the mound again pain free. The problem is most ball players, especially pitchers want a quick fix and in most cases this isn’t the solution. It really takes a comprehensive look at your training regime, throwing mechanics and your throwing workload. If the arm is not damaged, which means you need medical attention, then adjusting these three factors will do the trick but it does take the time. The reason it takes time is because most of these ball players, who are in this situation, have a very poor understanding of these three factors. They have a very poor understanding of how you should train your body and arm for the stress of throwing, how you should move your body correctly to reduce the stress to the arm and what are the signs that you have when you are over throwing. Once the pitcher can learn all of this information then it is not only an arm saver but a game changer. This is the foundation of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which I personally developed to overcome my rotator cuff tear and not only pitch again but play at the professional level after Doctors told me my arm was ruined.

Interview with Dr. Chris McKenzie on Arm Pain Pitching

I Really Need Help With My Arm NOW!

If you are up against a wall here and you really need to talk to someone about this then please give me a call. I would be happy to help you through this process. I am not a Doctor but I have been through the worst of this pain before and I can help you. Please text or call me at 985.878.5103!

Article Name
Pain in Triceps and Biceps when Pitching
Learn what causes most arm pain when pitching and how to prevent and treat this pain to help keep you in the game.

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  1. Colton says

    Hello, my name is Colton I am 15 years old and I pitch, I throw around 72-77 mph. I have had terrible pain In my lower bicep and my lower and upper tricep and very little pain in my elbow, bit much at all. I’ve tried everything. BioFreeze, Ibuprofen, Icy Hot, Advil. And it doesn’t even touch the pain it gets so bad I can’t even hold up my water bottle after pitching an inning ive read through your article and I’ve iced it like you said. I had my arm examined and they couldn’t find anything. And i love baseball more than anything and I would be crushed if an arm injury causes me not able to pitch anymore. I have a huge baseball tournament coming up and they need me out there on the mound I was just wondering if you could me solve this problem or help any. Please let me know something

    • says

      There isn’t a quick fix unfortunately. You need to rest, recover and rebuild. This would include massage, better nutrition, reducing your throwing workload and then getting on the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. I would highly recommend that you come to a 3X Velocity Camp so you can learn how to prevent any further damage to the arm as you advance in this game.

  2. Kevin says

    Hi my son 10 year old son says he gets a pain on the inside of his elbow every now an then what should I do aan what can it be

    • says

      That should be of concern because at his age it can be linked to growth plate problems. Typically the medial side of the elbow swells when overuse has occurred due to overthrowing, throwing inefficiently or not having enough strength to support the torques on the joint. I would highly recommend you checkout the 3X Pitching Beginners Program which will give you a training program to help him protect the joint and also better mechanics to reduce the stress on the joint.

  3. says

    Im 17 ima a junior this year I have a had serious injuries with my arm im throwing 90-93 says the guns im a starter and ive had very serious pain since I was twelve in my elbow and have had 6 mris since up to this day all came back with nothing until the last one were it said I had partial tares in my ucl in my elbow I took off for about 8 months did alot of bands work outs dumbells curling bars and bench pressing Istarted throwing again until about the 4 th game iI staryed feeling it again but not as bad abd then it went to lower back elbo bicep all the way up to my shoulder and even now my shoulder I ice my arm and heat it all the time and it works except for my shoulder I have sharp iritated pain 24/7 I am currently getting help from a pitching coach named Bill Hepner he played for the Mets and struck out hank aaron twice he is teaching me now propper mechanics but the arm pain is just so over welming I cant take it no more what do you suggest

    • says

      You need to some and work with me at a 3X Velocity Camp and stay for the 3X Training. You have a lot to learn about your arm and at your ball speed you need a few evaluation and a program to get you on the right track.

  4. Blake VanDegrift says

    I am 15 years old I am a first baseman and I pitch a little bit. This is my first year of highschool ball and the first year I have had this pain. The pain is low tricep area and it gets so bad that when I take off my glove and hold it in my hand my arm shakes. I’m scared because the season just started and I was out for a concussion and I dont want to be out again. If you know what’s wrong or have any tips to help that would be great thanks.

    • says

      Blake, you have lost integrity in your elbow joint. You need to rest the arm and rebuild the joint and more overall strength/power. Your mechanics could also improve to help reduce the stress.

      I would recommend getting a massage in the area to help the muscles heal. Use ice for no more than 15 minutes and once it starts feeling better you need to strengthen it. I would highly recommend that you checkout the 3X or 2X programs which includes everything you will need from joint integrity training to throwing drills to improve your mechanics.

  5. Damian walker says

    hi so im 16 i practice 6 days a week and when i have time off from school ball (summer) and from travel ball i am either doing different pitching drills or doing different workouts or i am long tossing and i immediately ice my arm as soon as i get home i ice my arm for 15 mins and i take it off for another 15 mins and then i put a heating pad on my arm for 15 mins and i used to be able to pitch 2 games straight before my arm would start hurting and this year i cant i dont think i have even pitched a whole game yet and it gets very painful i want to go pro so bad baseball is everything to me its more than just a sport its all ive ever had i always practice and ive been noticed im good at pitching but my arm hurts really bad and lately its like icing my arm or soaking in epsom salt or using heat doesnt work and i dont understand why cz it did last year im a sophomore (birthday fell late) and im starter pitcher for myhighschool and my team needs me i cant just take a brake and leave them i dont know what to do

  6. Rustin says

    Ok so I broke my wrist in January playing basketball and didn’t throw for about 2 months. I have recently started my select baseball season. EVERY time I throw I get pain in my bicep. I play catcher and every time a throw done to second I get a sharp pain in my bicep where I can barely throw back to the pitcher. Any tips or ideas would be helpful. Thank you.

  7. leo B says

    my 12 yr old son is complaing of his bicep area when pitching.. took him to get xray they saw nothing so said ut was just s muscle strain took time off. pitched 3inning on saturday and than said his pain was coming back ….he is a active big kid plays basketball does athletics at school what can i do ?”

    • says

      That could be just fatigue from overuse. The tricep helps decelerate the arm. You need to rest, rebuild and strengthen the arm. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program has joint integrity programs for all year long.

  8. CB says

    Great information here Brent. I’ve been playing ball since middle school, travel, highschool and one year college. I’ve been out of the game for 6 years. I decided to play ball this summer and began throwing and condition. I’ve recently have been having a unfamiliar pain in my Tricep long head area. A very sharp pain that can be felt through out my whole arm when throwing hard. Never felt this pain before. I’ll be honest i’m a bit nervous i didn’t injury my anything serious like my tendon(inbetween my tricep and bicep). I bought a Tennis elbow brace and tightened it above my elbow for a couple minutes and removed the brace to find a unbearable sharp pain. Any suggestion…Ice/compression/Advil/Elevation/mechanics? Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time

    • says

      I believe you first need to strengthen the joint with low reps and good resistance. You also need to take some time off from throwing to do this. To help it heal you need to RICE. Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation. Do not ice more than 12 minutes on.

      Checkout the 3X and 2X programs because learning healthy throwing/pitching mechanics is also critical to arm health.

  9. Max says

    I’m a sophomore and I play shortstop at the varsity level in high school. Recently my tricep/elbow has been causing me pain during pregame throwing and infield/outfield. During the game the throbbing pain dies down until I have to throw the ball, and then it starts up again. I have also noticed that I have lost quite a bit of strength on my throws off of my back foot deep in the hole and even routine plays. Icy hot has no effect on it and Advil doesn’t do much either. I can’t even throw the ball accurately anymore because I am forced to change my arm angle to minimize the pain. Please help me, baseball is my life!

  10. Cody Passmore says

    Hey Brent,
    I’m 21 years old training for next season in the Fall to tryout for my college team. I have an issue when I start throwing hard The pain comes in my lower bicep to the left. So its right where the bicep starts and to the left if I were to stick my hand out and look at it. Ideas?

    • says

      This is caused by overuse and poor mechanics. The bicep decelerates the forearm. Most pitchers first make the mistake of not building the bicep muscle up for the season and this coupled with poor mechanics and overuse gives you bicep pain. You need to rest the arm and start strengthening the shoulder and elbow again with a strength program like in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program then you can get back into throwing again. Also warming up better before throwing is key.

  11. Gino says

    My son is a 15 year old right handed pitcher. A couple weeks ago during warm ups he had a pretty good pain occur in his right fore arm. He stopped right away and had a sore fore arm for a few days. He started out this past week throwing lightly and has gradually increased the velocity. Still feels some pain just for a few seconds as he”s throwing if he throws one too hard. But other than that he has no pain, tenderness, or anything. Any ideas?

    • says

      When this kind of pain occurs at a young age the first thing that needs to be checked is the growth plates to make sure nothing has moved. If it isn’t a growth plate then it could be just a muscle strain. Following the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) model helps and then learn better biomechanics, strength training and using pitch counts helps.

  12. Cage says

    you said “I believe that most arm pain is the sign of not just one thing but a few. It usually is the cause of poor mechanics, poor joint integrity (strength and conditioning) and overuse. Most pitchers who have this pain, all they need to do is address one of these issues and the pain will usually go away if there is not damage to the muscles, tendons or bone”

    Brent, I have been experiencing some pain in my lower biceps tendon. I found out what was causing it in my mechanics and fixed it. After adjusting my mechanics I was still a bit sore throwing but the pain wasn’t really hurting or getting worse. I have a important showcase tomorrow, would I be ok if I threw in it, because I fixed the mechanical error that was causing it? I’ll keep icing it of course.

    • says

      I believe most bicep pain pitching comes from a weak overused bicep. A little rest with some strengthening usually does the trick and the mechanics change if effective will prevent it from coming back. If your pain is not deep and causes you to lose strength then I would say you are fine. Icing, strengthening and rest should fix it overtime if there is no damage.

  13. says

    I have pain in my lower bicep almost everytime i throw. One time it got so bad i couldn’t throw because the pain in my lower bicep. What do you think it could be?

    • says

      It is a sign of poor bicep strength and poor pitching mechanics. Checkout the Pitching Articles here to learn more about high velocity pitching mechanics and the Training Articles to learn how to develop joint integrity.

  14. says

    Jacob, I would then recommend that you get on a beginner strength and conditioning program to strengthen your body to be able to handle the wear and tear better and at the same time learn better mechanics while also reducing the amount of throws you make weekly. This will do it!

  15. says

    Jacob, you could being causes some damage to your growth plate in your elbow. I would recommend that you go to your doctor and ask him to xray your elbow to see if you have any displacement of the growth plate. If you do then I would suggest you shut it down while you start learning 3X Pitching. If you do not have displacement then you may need to do some joint integrity training which would involve strengthening the forearm, bicep and tricep with some light weight training. The Beginner’s Guide to 3X Pitching has all of these exercises and information for your age group.

  16. says

    Robert, it sounds like you have a lot of wear and tear in your arm causing a lot of inflammation. I would first recommend a MRI to see if you have any damage. Then I would recommend you take a total approach to arm health here. You need to first focus on a diet high in raw green foods and omega 3’s to help reduce inflammation in your body. If you are taking a lot of ibuprofen and not eating well then it is catching up to you. Next I would suggest you send in a video of you pitching for analysis. You can learn how to do this by selecting the Video Analysis button at the top of the page. Finally I would suggest you do some joint integrity training while learning 3X Pitching.

  17. Jacob says

    Hey Brent, I am 13 and im having alot of pain in my upper bicep and the inside of my elbow. Ive been taking pitching lesons for about a year working on my mechanics, using my entire body, but everytime I throw in a game my arm goes out after the first 5 batters. Do you have any idea how I can prevent this pain? It’s really affecting my playing time because it hurts so bad, and no matter what I do it keeps coming back and getting worse. It’s even starting to hurt when im not even doing anything.

  18. robert says

    this last week my arm has been killing me it felt good on saturday and i have been icing it but when i tried to throw this tuesday it felt like i have just threw 200 pitches the day before and it has been feeling like this for 5 days it hurts in my upper bicep and when i throw it feels like i can feel my veins pulse threw my arm i really need some advice because i am a prospect in the draft this upcoming year and right now i am going through a hard time thanks.

  19. Manuel says

    I play slowpitch softball and after a couple of hard throws from the outfield to the infield in different days my tricep start bothering me so bad that no matter how good i warm up even when i run hard starts bothering me or if i bat too, this is even without throwing at this point. what do u think i can do?

    • says

      I highly recommend that you do some joint integrity training. I would do some bicep and tricep work along with forearms. Keep the reps low and the weight high. Do this without any throwing for a week and then continue this training as they begin to throw again.

  20. says

    This is the ulnar nerve. This means it is slipping and then getting pinched when throwing. Some pitchers have problems with the ulnar nerve causing this pain and surgery to move the nerve is common practice. I believe this can be fixed without surgery using both strength and conditioning and good mechanics. If you can add some forearm size then this will reduce this pain also making sure you are not dropping the elbow below the shoulders during external rotation.

  21. Alex D says

    Hey Brent I’v been trying to throw using my full body recently and noticed alot less pain in my arm then ever however randomly when I throw for a longer period or if I’m stupidly trying to impress my friends by putting a little extra speed on my pitch I will get a tingling sensation in my elbow down to my fingers and sometimes a little pain for like a second or two and once I get it it continues till I stop throwing this only happeneds when I either throw hard or long periods and hard, what do you think?

  22. Matt says

    I am 13 and I am having pain in my upper bicep… I threw everyday with my middle school team and now I throw maybe 2 or 3 times a week?The pain is getting worse and worse…what should I do?

    • says

      Shut it down and go to a doctor. It sounds like you need to rehabilitate your shoulder. After rehab I would highly recommend that you purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It is as much a injury prevention program for pitchers than a pitching velocity program.

  23. Craig Miller says

    Hi Brent,

    my 15 year old son was diagnosed with tricep tendonitis back in February. He really wasn’t throwing much , only at practices with his travel team. he was shut down and then was put on a thrwoing program and it was fine during high school ball. He started his travel season and now it’s back hurting again. He pitches once a week and i make sure he’s not being over used. Any thoughts?

  24. Bill says

    My 15 yr old son is dealing with bicep tendinitis for the third time in less than two years. He also had a stress fracture in his growth plate in his shoulder in August of 2011 and he shut down throwing for about 10 weeks. He is now getting ready for the his season and the shoulder feels ok but pain in his bicep is coming back. Do you have any suggestions for him? Would this program address mechanics issues that could lead to these problems? Would he be able to see results within a few weeks before his season starts?

  25. Jason says

    Great tips. I pitch in a 30+ league now and actually just finished a 7 inning complete game. After each inning of pitching the area between the bicep and tricep of my arm would ache, even throb. When I went back out to throw, no problem. Every once in a while I would feel it on a fastball that got a little loose but by the next pitch no pain. Come back in, and the pain would come back. By the 5th, the pain was much less than before, but was still there. This has actually carried on from last season. I suspect overuse or lack of warming up. Though I ran quite a bit and threw what I thought was enough before taking the mound.

    Very little to no pain in the shoulder, except where the bicep tendon is I think. Bicep is sore tonight.

    Ice? Any exercise or stretches you might suggest? Bicep tendonitis?

  26. says

    It sounds like you are not warming up enough and not staying warm in between innings. You also have a mechanical issue. You could be not closing your shoulders off enough preventing you from swinging and abusing your arm. If you can post some video for analysis in the forums that would help me see the problem.

  27. Aaron says

    I have pain in my lower bicep and tricep. i play in a mens slowpitch softball and play left center. all it takes is one good hard throw in and i can barely throw after that.

  28. JD says

    I have this sorta pain EVERY single time I play catch or pitch with my brother. I've had this problem since I was about 13. Im almost 20 now and I still cant shake the pain. I throw a lot harder than I did then and I'd like to pursue a career in baseball, but this pain is so aggrevating, that I dont know if I would be very effective on the mound. Are there any other styles of pitching that could nurse the situation? I a protypical pitcher. 3 pitches, not quite 'straight-over-the-top' delivery, but not side arm. If anyone has any advice at all thank you so much. – JD

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