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Pain Triceps Biceps PitchingSo you have pain triceps biceps pitching/throwing and it has more than likely been hurting for a while. You are searching the web for answers because you need this pain to go away so you can get back to business. I get it! I was you in my career.

When I had pain triceps biceps pitching/throwing and I couldn't find the answers to a quick fix of the problem, I just looked for ways to hide the pain. I was taking Advil almost every day and I started to have to take tons more of it because the pain was getting worse. The pain first started in my elbow and then it moved up my bicep into my shoulder.

It got so bad that I had to take the maximum dose of painkillers, along with icy hot, and in between innings I had to hit my arm, so I would feel the pain of the hit and not the pain coming from my throbbing arm. This was the day that my rotator cuff tore and my career completely stopped. I was shocked and depressed at this time in my life because I had let the pain get so bad, that it almost ended my career.

How to Remove Pain Triceps Biceps Pitching/Throwing

I am writing this article here to help you because I wish someone would have helped me at that point in my pitching career when the pain in my triceps and biceps pitching/throwing first started. If you have pain in your lower, or upper bicep, or your lower or upper tricep and maybe even in the back or front of your upper forearm, you are overusing and abusing your arm. If you have anyone or all of these pains, then you need to stop and listen to your body.

Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Pain does not just go away. It will only get worse, as it did in my career if you do not make some changes immediately. Unfortunately, you should have not waited this long to make the changes but better late than never!

Why the Pain Triceps Biceps Pitching/Throwing?

Here is a list of possible reasons you have pain in your arm.

  1. Inflammation of soft tissue due to pattern overload of the joint. Here is a great article to learn about pattern overload and pitching.
  2. Bone spurs or bone-to-bone contact.
  3. Muscle or tendon damage.
  4. Putting excessive stress on the joint due to poor mechanics.

I believe that most arm pain is a sign of not just one thing but a few. It usually is the cause of poor mechanics, poor joint integrity (strength and conditioning), and overuse. For most pitchers who have this pain in triceps biceps pitching/throwing, all they need to do is address one of these issues and the pain will usually go away if there is no damage to the muscles, tendons, or bone. Fixing all three of these issues, will not only remove the pain completely, but it will also increase performance. Most performance can be enhanced by more effectively distributing the stress of the movement throughout the body, instead of putting it all in the arm.

Steps to Pain Relief of the Pitching Arm

If you are serious about fixing your arm problems and you do not want to go down the road to destruction as I did, then follow these steps to relieve your arm of this abuse.

  1. Take a few weeks off from throwing if possible.
  2. Ice your arm to start the healing process. Read this article on how to ice your arm.
  3. Visit a medical professional who can examine your arm for serious muscle, tendon or bone damage.
  4. Start eating better. Eat more protein.
  5. Sign up for the 30-Day to 5 MPH 3-Part Series. I will give you some key tips on how you must change your pitching mechanics to redistribute the stress through your body without overloading the arm.

BONUS TIP: Learn about proper pitching pronation. This mechanical adjustment can have an immediate effect on arm pain. Read these articles to learn more, Proper Pronation Pitching and Research Proving Pronation Supports Pitching Velocity While Preventing Injury.

This will get you on the right track and will definitely save your career. If your pain sounds like the pain I had before I tore my rotator cuff then I suggest you contact me above and tell me about your pain. I will advise you if you need medical help! Best of luck!

Pitching Pain-Free

I get this question almost every day, "Will I Pitch Pain-Free Again?" It really takes a good game plan to help get you back on the mound again pain-free. The problem is most ball players, especially pitchers want a quick fix and in most cases, this isn't the solution. It really takes a comprehensive look at your training regime, throwing mechanics, and throwing workload. If the arm is not damaged, which means you need medical attention, then adjusting these three factors will do the trick but it does take time. The reason it takes time is that most of these ball players, who are in this situation, have a very poor understanding of these three factors. They have a very poor understanding of how you should train your body and arm for the stress of throwing, how you should move your body correctly to reduce the stress on the arm, and what signs you have when you are overthrowing. Once the pitcher can learn all of this information then it is not only an arm saver but a game changer. This is the foundation of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which I personally developed to overcome my rotator cuff tear and not only pitch again but play at the professional level after Doctors told me my arm was ruined.

Heal Your Arm Now with the Latest in Science

Pain Triceps Biceps PitchingThis Fast Arm Recovery System uses a 4-week System Calendar proven to heal the arm and rebuild it ASAP to get you back to the game. NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE AN OFF-SEASON DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM LIKE THE 3X AND 2X PROGRAMS.

This system includes two phases of training with 8 different components. The first step or phase was developed to speed the healing process and the second step or phase was built to speed the strengthening and recovery process.

If you are in pain and need help immediately to get back to the season in weeks then this is the course for you. If you are concerned about injury this isn't here to replace a doctor. Please visit a doctor before starting this course if you are injured.

Pain Triceps Biceps Pitching