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extreme long toss BadAlan Jaeger is upset that has not done the proper research on why extreme long toss bad for pitchers. He said in an email to me, "If you are going to be in the public domain, I would urge you to do the proper research." I am not sure if you have visited his website but I do not see him practicing what he preaches. There is a lot more research posted on than but I will still give him what he has requested in his email, "Proper Research."
I have stated on this website that extreme long toss bad for pitchers and is not as effective in developing velocity because it forces the thrower to use more of the arm to throw the ball a long distance like 300 feet. I also said that if you want to increase velocity you must develop throwing mechanics that use more big muscle groups, like the core and legs, rather than mainly the small muscle groups, like the shoulders and arm. Once you have learned these "Total Body Mechanics," like I talk about constantly on this site and have listed in detail in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, you will not only begin to throw harder but you will take more stress off of the arm which will allow you to throw longer.

Research on Why Extreme Long Toss Bad for Pitchers!

I will use Dr. James Andrews and his studies on proper throwing mechanics at the American Sports Medicine Institute to support my claims above. You can read his case studies here
A quote from Dr. Andrews' case study on "Interval Throwing Program" states:

"Throwing from flat ground produced a shorter stride and less shoulder external rotation at foot contact, more elbow varus torque during arm cocking, a more upright trunk at ball release......"

A quote from,  Dr. Andrews' case study on "Shoulder Abduction and Lateral Trunk Tilt Influence the Peak Elbow Varus Torque During Pitching" states:

"The combination of 10 degrees of lateral trunk tilt and 100 degrees of shoulder abduction produced the minimum peak varus torque among all conditions in the study. Thus, the results of this simulation study clearly show that shoulder abduction angle and lateral trunk tilt have an affect on elbow varus torque and thus can be helpful in reducing stressful forces on the shoulder and elbow during pitching."

A quote from Dr. Andrews' case study on "Flat-Ground Throwing" states:

"Elbow varus torque was greatest during 180 ft' throwing."

You can read Dr. Andrews' case study on "Biomechanics of Elbow Injuries During Throwing" to learn about Elbow Varus Torque here
Based on these three studies performed by the most respective Doctor in the game of baseball, we learn that throwing long toss at only 180 ft, which was the farthest distance used in the study, causes more elbow varus torque because of the shorter stride and the lack of forward trunk tilt than pitching on a mound. Could you imagine the results of these case studies if they used 300 ft instead of 180 ft?
Mr. Jaeger, I am sure you have an answer on why extreme long toss bad and your Long Toss Program addresses these issues but there is a better way than using this "Old School" approach to "Arm Development." I believe that better way is learning "Total body mechanics" by using normal throwing distances because we do not throw with just our arms. We also never throw the ball 300 feet in the game. If you want to develop more pitching velocity and decrease injury, you must also work hard to remodel fast twitch muscle fibers in the weight room using total body lifts, like the Olympic lifts, along with plyometric training and speed/agility work.
I warn all pitchers that perform a long-toss program, that pushes the distances to 300 feet, you better make sure you have "total body mechanics" because if not, based on Dr. Andrews' case studies above, you are putting extreme amounts of pressure on your elbow which could ruin your arm and end your career. This is why extreme long toss bad for pitchers!

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