Pitching Velocity SupplementsIf you are looking to gain velocity in a pill form then view this link here. Otherwise the products listed below are supplements that will support any pitching velocity focused training program and help you gain pitching velocity in return.
The products listed below must be taken with a balanced diet. They MUST NOT be taken as a meal replacement. Any meal replacement supplement must be taken between your three main meals or with your meals, not as a replacement of those meals. Fast twitch muscle fibers equal pitching velocity and to develop more fast twitch muscle fibers you must take in more nutritional calories to support this development. These calories must consist of protein, complex carbohydrates and fatty acids; along with vitamins and minerals.
I would avoid using proprietary supplement blends. These products are more full of hype than actual benefits. They are also very expensive. The reason that they label them as proprietary blends and do not show you the actually ingredients is because if they did, then you would just go out and buy the ingredients for a lot cheaper price. The only over the counter supplements that actually enhance performance are stimulants like energy drinks. These supplements can be very dangerous because of the stress it puts on your cardiovascular system and most of them are banned in competitive play. I would avoid using these supplements all together because they only have a short term effect and can hurt you in the long run. You will see better results from good food and a fast twitch muscle fiber focused training regime.
If you are going to spend your money on buying supplements then I recommend you purchase a natural protein, a complete multi-vitamin, an alkaline based supplement, omega 3 fatty acid and a powerful antioxidant. Here is a description of each one of these supplements below.
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* I also recommend all these supplements to support theĀ  3X Pitching Velocity Program!

Supplements For the High Velocity Pitcher

This is critical to support muscle development and optimal muscle recovery post-work or pitching. It is also a good pre-workout supplement. To learn more about protein and when to take it read this article called, Proteins To Promote Fast Post Pitching Recovery.
A multi-vitamin is also an essential supplement that is key to supporting new muscle development. This complete Nutrient Optimization System will not only support new development but also increase your energy levels. To learn more about these revolutionary vitamins please contact me.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is important for brain function and is also a good anti-inflammatory supplement. This isn’t as powerful as Advil but it is a lot better for your body. Taking Omega 3 daily will help promote less inflammation in your body. This will speed recovery. To learn more about this critical supplement please contact me.


Antioxidants are critical for recovery because they destroy free radicals in your system that wreak havoc on your body after you workout or perform. To fight this damage you must take antioxidants to help your body cleanse itself so it can rebuild. To learn more about this important supplement please contact me.
There is a lot of crap out there on the market. If you want to try supplements outside of these recommendations I highly recommend that you educate yourself or talk to someone who is educated about nutrition before you start spending your money! I would be glad to put together a supplement and nutrition plan for you. Contact me today and I will get one to you ASAP!