Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Brian Wilson Pitching VelocityThe 3 Keys to Pitching Velocity fall outside of conventional wisdom. These 3 Keys to Pitching Velocity do not exist in the vocabulary of most high school and college pitching coaches. These 3 keys to Pitching Velocity are arguably the best FREE pitching advice you will find on the web.
Before I give you these keys you need to prepare your mind for success because these keys will change how you look at pitching and velocity. More than likely the knowledge you have of pitching velocity is not getting the job done and YES you can gain knowledge from a source like which will guide you to pitching velocity that you have dreamed of reaching. Obviously, I am proud of these 3 Keys to Pitching Velocity because I am gloating but I did have to pay a heavy price for this knowledge. I had to overcome a career ending rotator cuff tear before playing pro ball, along with over ten years of searching and searching for this knowledge and abusing my body through trial and error. These 3 Keys helped me to reach my velocity goals after several doctors told me I would never pitch again. So here goes!

The 3 Keys to Pitching Velocity

  1. Triple Extension
  2. Optimal Hip to Shoulder Separation
  3. 180 degrees of External Rotation

That is it! This list is the Holy Grail to Pitching Velocity and you now have it. I am sure you have no idea what you have, so I will take the rest of this article to explain what each one of these keys mean to you.

Triple Extension

This is the foundation of 3X Pitching and is a major part of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. Triple Extension is defined as the extension of the ankle joint, the knee joint and the hip flexor. This is the first phase of generating pitching velocity. If performed effectively this key will increase velocity by 4-5 mph or more. To be performed effectively it must occur JUST BEFORE FRONT FOOT STRIKE. This is when the lift leg lands and opens to the target. If Triple Extension does not occur JUST BEFORE FRONT FOOT STRIKE then it will have a limited effect on pitching velocity. To learn more read the article here at on 3X Pitching.

Optimal Hip to Shoulder Separation

This key to pitching velocity is the hardest to learn out of all the keys. It is also what separates high pitching velocity throwers from low pitching velocity throwers. The reason for its difficulty is that your lower half must separate from your upper half and most young pitchers do not have this coordination. Try it the next time you are throwing and you will feel how awkward it is when you first experiment with it. You can perform this component by triple extending your drive leg forward and at the same time cocking your throwing arm back with your shoulders. What this key does is build core torque. Putting majority torque in your core will not only allow you to generate more velocity, it will protect your arm from injury. It will protect your arm because when you build more core torque you have a better chance of not abducting your arm into the red zone. It will generate more velocity because you are now using a big explosive muscle group to assist momentum. To learn more about this key and how to implement it into your delivery I recommend the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

180 degrees of External Rotation

This key only comes when you have mastered the two keys before this. This key component should not be implemented or worked on until you have mastered the two keys before this one. The day you are able to externally rotate your arm to 180 degrees after building optimal hip to shoulder separation, you will experience a mental high that you have never felt before. The day that ball rips out of your fingers at 90 or 95 plus, you will not look back. This key will also only occur when your arm is completely relaxed to allow these eccentric forces to take control of the ball. This is the point in the delivery that Nolan Ryan would say he would then just let it ride. No pulling the ball down to finish the pitch, only tucking your chin and thrusting your chest forward while relaxing your arm and letting your arm externally rotate. Once your arm is stretched out then all you need to do is let it fire by allowing it to internally rotate to release as quick as possible.
Like I said before this may not make much since to the pitcher who has been brain washed by conventional wisdom. So do yourself a favor if you are that guy and watch the Matrix. Yes, watch the movie the Matrix and then stop listening to the same old stuff that everyone is telling you and has been telling you on the ball field and cut through the BS.  Pitching velocity is the product of an explosive kinetic chain of events that move through the entire body and transfer efficiently and effectively into the ball. For a pitcher to reach velocities as high as 90 or 100 mph he must fire and stretch his muscles and skeletal structure to its limits without causing injury over time. If you are to reach these velocities you must push yourself to these limits and train your body to max out its potential by using everything that it has in its power. You can rely on luck or you can get down to business and learn how to implement these 3 keys of pitching velocity into your mechanics and training today!